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Nightmare Fuel / Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

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  • Just about 90% of the movie, but notably the David Bowie as Phillips Jefferies scene.
    • The Phillip Jeffries scene is arguably way more terrifying when you put into context that it foreshadows a lot of the events of The Return, in particular the idea of JUDY.
    • Those unfamiliar with the scene: Bowie is playing an agent named Philip Jeffries, who despite missing for 2 years, randomly appears in Gordon's office and begins to ramble about something, in regards to JUDY (aka The Experiment) and the "convenient store" (arguably referring to the Woodsmen) before collapsing his head on the table in despair and mentions "the ring" (arguably the Owl ring) and as Gordon and Cooper try to get everything in check, the room's lights flicker and quietly saying the month and year (February 1989) and vanishing once more.
    • The Missing Pieces makes it worse as Jeffries was at a hotel in Buenos Aries before vanishing and ending up at Gordon's office two years later. When he vanishes again back to his time, he's bleeding from the mouth, shocked and terrified, as he's scared the bellhop and a maid. Jeffries' terrified and confused screaming makes it worse.
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  • The rape scene where Laura finds out Bob possessed her father.
  • The entire last 15 minutes or so of the movie, which depict Laura's grisly demise.

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