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Nightmare Fuel / Trick or Treat

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  • "You should be loyal to your heroes...they can turn on you"
  • When Roger meets Sammi.
    Roger Mockus: I am a big fan of yours. I have all your albums.
    Sammi Curr: Shut up! Play my tape for me tonight or die!
  • During the climax, several people at the dance had to die in order for the crowd to realize whats going on.
  • Gennie's molestation qualifies. She is hypnotized and strips naked in an orgasmic trance, and opens her eyes to see a green monster sitting on her. When her boyfriend, Tim, checks on her, her ears are melted.
  • You're the bait, the bait is you.
    • Let the fish hook themselves
    • Metal machines, six-six-crush.
  • This movie doesn't sugarcoat day-to-day bullying and physical abuse... it actually makes them even more extreme than most examples. It gets so bad that it ends up involving attempted murder against the victim.

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