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Nightmare Fuel / Transformers Armada

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"This is one virus you'll never be able to eliminate, Megatron!"
  • Nemesis Prime. A monstrous Unicron-spawned transformer sent to kill Autobot and Decepticon alike. What's even worse it that he takes in the form of Optimus Prime, regenerates, is even able to survive a direct hit from the Requiem Beam, has a face that's not too dissimilar from Optimus Prime during Dark Awakening after regenerating his whole body from the aforementioned blast, and almost kills Hot Shot, Red Alert, Demolisher, Starscream and Megatron until the Mini-Cons intervene and heal them. Even if he only lasts one episode, it's pretty unsettling considering how much he did.
    • Not just that. It's the fact this thing is literally all the darkness that likely Prime has to deal with EVERY TIME he's in battle. Maybe it wasn't spawned from him but... you can't help but wonder if Prime is just a few steps away at times from becoming Nemesis.
  • Sideways's tentacle head form. After Sideways is seemingly-killed, this... thing emerges from his remains, becoming semi-transparent at times so that you can see his inner workings through the skin. And right before the scene ends, Sideway's head form lunges at the screen before disappearing.
  • Thrust's death. Trapped in the seam of Unicron's body as the Chaos-Bringer starts to transform, he's left to die by Megatron as he gets sucked into said seam. The crushing force causes his body begins to contort and bloat, until he finally explodes from the pressure. This is a notably brutal way to go in any Transformers media. And while the original Japanese version has the sounds of metal being crushed, the dub adds in Thrust screaming.
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  • In the comics, Optimus Prime has been replaced by G1 Optimus Prime, having been sent to his dimension. G1!Prime's only words before dying? "Walls crumbling... Chaos is coming". Then Armada!Prime finds himself on Cybertron, the whole planet is covered in rubble and rust, right until he looks over a hill and finds a chunk of the planet is missing. He meets the only survivor, Spinister who says "It's not safe here, nowhere is safe, it promised it would come back... and eat our world". Unicron's arrival had been foretold.


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