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Nightmare Fuel / Tower of Animus

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Tower of Animus, thy name is "Nightmare Fuel: The Game".

  • Teddy bears. ʕᵒᴥᵒʔ
  • Deathclaws are a permanent part of the populace of roaming monsters in the tower, though these particular specimens happen to be missing all their skin. It doesn't seem to hinder their ability to hunt you down much.
    • On that note, most of the monsters roaming the Tower from other worlds or native have been made even more gruesome than their original counterparts.
  • The Infighting Event has provided too much Nightmare Fuel to properly write down, but some examples:
    • Imagine someone jamming their hand down your throat, then pulling until your entire body is inside out. Now imagine being conscious during all that. Thus was Sayaka's fate after her Mercy Kill of Mami.
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    • Most of the surgeries done to Jason's Pod over the course of the event (all details viewable here) will leave you with absolute nightmares, to say nothing of the poor characters enduring said surgeries...
  • During the Labyrinth event, sponsoring another character to help them out in the maze was literal nightmare fuel for the sponsor - they'd have terrible nightmares, the subject of which was given out by the mods.
    • Those who died early during the event would have LITERAL terrible, realistic nightmares about their worst fears embodied for days on end, or until the event was over and they were "revived".
  • Even some of the Tower's floors themselves can be nightmare fuel unleaded.
    • Floor Twenty-Four: "Most of the time—99% of the time, in fact—this room is an empty one. If you happen to be incredibly unlucky, though, you'll find yourself suddenly at the far side of the room, faced with a large, shadowy mass. If you don't get to the stairs and exit the floor in time, it will skin you alive and remove your organs until you die." Sure wouldn't want to be unlucky on that floor!
      • Majora apparently suffered the horrors of this floor for her first death. She wasn't too happy.
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  • AU!Eridan made the mistake of requesting his moirail, Feferi, and ended up with a gruesome corpse, to put it mildly.
  • An in-character bit of nightmare fuel - During the (player-run) dream event, Ventus went mucking about in quite a few peoples' dreams - and predictably, saw some severely unsettling events.
  • I see you.
  • You're being a very bad dog. Dax's death.
  • That's why I like you all so much.

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