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Nightmare Fuel / Touhou Kenbun Roku

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  • The very first thing you see when starting the game: Bunroku in pitch blackness as he explains his objective, with an odd-looking upside-down "V" mouth. His look when he's showing off his time machine gives him an "M" mouth and a somewhat dead stare which doesn't look any better.
  • At the very beginning of Chapter 1, following the normal-looking man that communicates with the main characters, next comes a very unsettling Gonk with Fish Eyes, a huge nose, and a very odd jaw that opens on his side, revealing buck teeth. The creepy music that accompanies it doesn't make it any better. And don't get your hopes up just yet; he comes back later.
  • While Marco is off adventuring with a friendly octopus in Chapter 2, Bunroku winds up captured by the Gonk mentioned previously. The Glowing Eyes given to both characters for no reason in the scene while they're speaking and the return of Bunroku's "M" mouth are creepy to watch. Cue the sudden Mushroom Samba complete with an image of a cartoonish Bunroku with spiral eyes and a gaping jaw with flowers everywhere, including one growing out of his head. It takes Marco's efforts to snap Bunroku back to his senses.
  • In Chapter 3, Bunroku and Marco find an oasis with green water and step down to investigate. Out comes a sudden head that peeks out of the water and after some banter, the head pulls them in. The head later resurfaces with Bunroku, leaving Marco's location unknown.
  • After losing Marco, Bunroku is tasked with locating a magical tree by a king and his daughter. He finds the first tree which suddenly sprouts a humanoid figure and speaks to Bunroku. Later he finds the second tree that sprouts a female humanoid. The two trees rejoin, and the scene of the two trees talking to one another is rather odd-looking, since the two trees are depicted with a lot of shadow and realistic faces.
    • Following the tree scene, Bunroku pays visit to the location of a sacrifice to a giant fire-breathing bird. After closer inspection, Bunroku finds Marco tied up to be sacrificed, and with the help of the ghost from the previous chapter, Marco is freed, and the bird begins to get angry and flees.