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Nightmare Fuel / Tokimeki PokÚLive! and TwinBee

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Even though every official Love Live! (And by extension, Tokimeki Memorial and Twinbee) media are generally lighthearted (and while that is still very true for most stories here), due to the fact that Pokémon is part of this crossover universe, there are bound to be some terrifying things happening!

In other words, this universe isn't your typical Moe Seinen fan's Love Live!

Spoilers won't be marked here, so read them at your own risk!


  • In General, the "Ideal Hero" story arc is what started the darker side of PokéLive!, the turn from the lighthearted funfests of Love Live! School Idol Festival and it's ALL STARS sequel, Tokimeki Memorial and the Girl's Side games and Twinbee to a more Pokémon Origins and Pokémon Generations-like tone, at least for the Side Story arcs and other arcs, being somewhat eerie to say the least! "TERRIFYING PARTY TRAIN", indeed...
    • Worse, unlike the School Idol Days doujin, where a bloopers chapter reveals that the μs/Aqours girls are only acting for a movie they're making, the nightmarish aspects of this series in-universe are real! No sugarcoating the dark implications of Pokémon for you, Shizuku-chan, Shiori-san, Pastel-chan and Emma-chan...
  • A minor one (And from a Main Story no less!), in "A Trip to the Pet Shop!", with Hilda stating that there's risks involved with Pokémon Training, how many potential injuries or even fatalities due to Pokémon have happened before?
  • From part 1 of the "Ideal Hero" story arc, similar to a scene from the Pokémon Generations episode "The King Returns", N as well as Sonic are nearly destroyed by Black Kyurem! Thankfully, Hilbert, Coco and Ai save them just in time with a Fusion Flare from Hilda's and Shizuku's Reshiram.
  • "Hilda and Setsuna Yuki:Maximum Metal" is one of the darkest PokéLive! story arcs, so there's plenty to be frightened of about it!
    • There is a sense of dread in the air once Nozomi realizes what the tarot card with the description "A cobalt robot shall bring destruction to a large metropolitan area." is actually about...
    • On a minor note, an A.I. upgrade Eggman installs into Metal Sonic gives it sentience, with it deciding to betray it's creator.
  • The death of Yoko's biological parents in a train accident that left her as an orphan temporarily. 'Nuff said.
    • Hell, depending on how you headcanon Elesis/Ellie's past before she was adopted by Tamaki and Chizuru, the pre-adoption period for her could have been this as well...
  • In an example of Fridge Horror, if Eggman was successful in defeating Sonic and Hilbert with N and his Pokémon including Zekrom and Mega Zoroark in that fateful battle in N's Fortress/Eggman's Castle, Hilda, Shizuku, Shiori, Pastel, Risa and Emma would be N's and Eggman's slaves or worse!
    • Not to mention that Pokémon Training and School Idols would most likely be outlawed in Eggmanland as well, with Eggman and N being the only ones allowed to use Pokémon.
    • In addition, many places where intense industrial development happened, they could have turned into deserts ala Green Hill in Forces or even polluted wastelands.
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    • Also, Christians like Christina and the Original Character Charlotte would most likely suffer from persecution under the Eggman Empire, and would eventually be martyred for their faith, ala the Book of Revelation.
  • As revealed in "Prophecy of Failure!?" Yoko and Ellie lose the final battle against Eggman, and while that is scary enough, Aleena reveals that the world she inhabits has basically gone to Hell due to Climate Change, complete with resource wars, massive poverty and even the collapse of civilization as we know it (Except for enclaves in Canada where high technology still persists against all odds.)! Also, it is revealed that India and Pakistan waged a nuclear war as part of wars for the remaining resources on Earth.
    • Minus the whole "Eggman is the cause" thing, unlike the more fantastical apocalypses that are mentioned in the series, the scenario of Climate Change causing the collapse of modern society on a global scale up to and including the potential of a nuclear war waged for the resources that are left is something that could actually happen, should the Worst-Case Scenario of Climate Change come true...
  • This universe's version of Sally Acorn, Rotor Walrus, Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine D'Coolette were originally from an alternate version of the Pre-Super Genesis Wave universe of Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics), but, in a very dark twist of fate, their former homeworld was destroyed by an invasion of Ultra Beasts unknowingly caused by the version of Dr. Robotnik and Snivley from their original universe after a teleporter accident caused the deadly creatures to come through, wreaking havoc all across the former Planet Mobius, killing not only Julian and his nephew, but possibly their version of the various Sonic characters as well as a majority of the population of Mobius. Sweet dreams!
    • Even better, it was finally confirmed in the story "Planet Mobius, Destroyed but Never Forgotten!?". Overlapping with Tear Jerker, that bit of backstory is EASILY the most downright depressing thing about this universe, bar none!
  • It's implied that the Phantom Ruby was involved in rewriting reality in certain ways, and even though the universe is still intact with the most obvious results being that Pokémon exist in Shizuku's world and certain characters having lived there all long, future stories may well fuel some extremely scary speculation on what might have been had things gone terrifyingly wrong!
  • As mentioned above in the "Prophecy of Failure!?" segment, though battles are typically fought with Pokémon, the possible destruction typically being very localized at most, NUCLEAR WEAPONS EXIST!!! That's right, a POKÉMON, LOVE LIVE!, TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL and TWINBEE universe where nukes are actual weapons! Said nukes were used during a confict for resources between India and Pakistan in the possible future Aleena comes from, and it's not out of the question that at the very least, a few million people were killed, and portions of both countries were razed to the ground by fires, the blast itself and the shockwaves follwing the detonations!
  • Infinite appears for the first time in the Special Story "Way of the Naganadel!", and though he has gained his personality back, he's just as dangerous as you would expect him to be! Not to mention his threat of causing an apocalypse with an Ultra Beast invasion of both Shizuku's World and the world alternate versions of Mio and Yoshio hail from, the same exact fate that befell the Mobius the Knothole Freedom Fighters originally came from!
  • Mia Taylor appears in "Big Trouble in Little Odaiba! (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Asshole "Friends"!)". However, she wants to kill the Pokémon Hilda and the others have using her Hydreigon when the opportunity presents itself, making PokéLive!Mia a version of her with her meaness being turned Up to Eleven! Even though Ghetsis may not exist on Shizuku's World/Earth, his spirit lives on in the form of this universe's version of Mia!

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