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Nightmare Fuel / Toad Patrol

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This show has been known to have some really dark moments...

  • The entire concept. Every year, toad children have to go through a rite of passage of sorts. They have to brave several dangers to reach a magical portal before the end of summer. If they don't? They turn into toadstools for (supposedly) all eternity!
  • Various predators hunt the toad patrol throughout the series. A few of them (Particularly the ones that don't speak) are downright terrifying.
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  • "The Fire". A forest fire separates the toad patrol, leaving Beauty Stem anxious that Fur Foot, Elf Cup, and Puffball might die in the fire (Though it's never stated outright). A major point in the episode is that Beauty Stem is completely helpless to do anything about the situation. Even after the fire, up until the very end of the episode, her group is convinced that they'll never see the other three again.
  • "The Crystal Caverns" has everyone slowly turning on each other thanks to innocent looking red crystals that actually make them angry.
    • The reason they got to said cave was because a flash flood trapped them in it. Both the beginning and the end of the episode has them almost drown from it.
  • "Scooped" has Slippery Jack and Oyster being toad-napped by a human child. The others ask a tunnel toad, the only authority figure the setting has, and ask for help. The tunnel toad's advice? To just move on, they're a lost cause. Beauty Stem's horrified reaction sums up the general response of the audience well.
  • "The Stay Away Place" is a generally eerie episode, with a dark setting, delving a little more into Earth Star's backstory, and ending with the onscreen death of a sentient tree.
    • At this point, the series begins all but outright stating that Earth Star is a bit more traumatized by the loss of his last group than he previously let on.
    • Panther Cap confesses that he's afraid of the possibility of screwing up the directions the thunder trees give him and leading the group to their doom. Beauty Stem in turn confesses that she's constantly afraid of one of the others being hurt, or that they might not all make it. Both are very legitimate and real fears, considering the setting.
  • "Night Fright". Elf Cup runs off alone, at night. She only survives due to the ancients saving her.
  • "Trapped", in which Erebus figures out that the toad patrol need Panther Cap to know where to go, so he traps Panther Cap knowing full well that the others can't leave without him. When they were desperate enough the toads would surely put themselves in danger trying to retrieve him, Erebus would have to get them sooner or later. This plan would have succeeded had it not been for Digger the mole pulling a Heel–Face Turn.
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  • "The Cure" revolves around Beauty Stem accidentally poisoning herself and almost dying. They skip some of the nastier effects of such an infliction, but it's still no more enjoyable to watch. Doubled by the fact that she's the Team Mom of the group, the one who's supposed to be taking care of them, and the very real possibility of her dying could leave them a little more lost than before.
  • "The Temple of Bufonidae" has a scene where a group of bats try to drown everyone in sand.
  • "The Fairy Ring" gets very intense within the last few minutes of the episode.
  • "A Cry For Help" features a rather menacing weasel.
  • "The Healer". Panther Cap falls into a frozen pond and first nearly drowns, then almost dies of hypothermia immediately after.
  • "The Castle of the Ancients" has everyone flying up a steam vent using leaves. If they fall? Why, they'd plunge into boiling hot water, of course!

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