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Nightmare Fuel / 300

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"Have the gods no mercy?"

  • The huge black monster of a wolf that young Leonides kills in the opening flashback. Yes, it's just the narrator's BS exaggerating its size and power, but on screen it looks more like some kind of nightmare-spawned mutant tiger than an actual wolf.
  • The Ephors are not only hideous to look at, they're also old creeps.
  • The Tree of the Dead, which goes on the same premise as the wall.
  • The wall of dead bodies. The gross up close ups of all the corpses don't help much.
  • The giant Immortals unleash on the Spartans. He's hulking and monstrous and comes very close to killing Leonidas.
  • The mutilations and deformities among Xerxes' courtiers, a sizable number of which appear to have been inflicted upon them purely for their god-king's warped sense of aesthetics.


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