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Nightmare Fuel / This House Has People in It

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Hoo boy, where do we start?

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • First off, the very concept of the main video of slowly realizing your child is unresponsive and stuck to the floor with no idea what to do, which just screams Adult Fear, especially considering how normal-looking the environment is. As soon as Madison starts sinking into the floor, all hell breaks loose.
  • The conclusion of the video where Madison finally falls through into the basement onto a mattress, cut to audio of the parents screaming, then all the waiting partygoers outside lying prone on the ground. It should be noted there's a quick frame as this happens showing the mattress completely empty, implying she continued falling through to oblivion.
    • It turns out Madison's completely fine, though, as she appears later in the timeline without anybody acknowledging the incident or what happened afterwards. The fact this is unexplained makes this even worse.
    • At least Madison has a basement beneath the floor to emerge into. All the people outside are lying on/in solid ground...
  • The Sculptor's Playground video is rather creepy by itself. It starts like a goofy Tim & Eric sketch, with Alan Resnick's character jovially rambling about sculpting and Lynk's disease. However, the mood shifts when he starts inserting ominous non sequiturs into his monologue, including references to someone he knew named "Sam." While this happens, Resnick's character becomes visibly distressed and starts losing his cool, almost looking like he's going to start crying or lose his temper at a few points. The sculpture he's crafting becomes increasingly misshapen as he gets more upset. The droning background ambiance starts to become more pronounced as Resnick's character breaks down, amplifying the overall creepiness. It's uncomfortable to watch, not the least of which because Resnick's portrayal of this character is eerily convincing.
  • The pink Humanoid Abomination is one of the most terrifying parts about the ARG, as not only does it look grotesque and uncanny, not only is it completely unexplained how it even came into existence, but it regularly appears in plain sight somehow without anybody noticing, including within the same room in a mirror reflection.
    • At the very end of the video past the credits, we get... this.
    • Even more scary is the credits list it as a Family Friend...
    • The final, chronological file is a video showing Tom and Anne having a mundane conversation in bed. Then the pink humanoid casually walks in their room, revealing itself, as the two suddenly scream in terrified horror as the camera cuts out. The end.

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