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Nightmare Fuel / The Village

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Whatever you do, don't scream.
  • Whatever your opinions of the story as a whole, there is little doubt that the scene where the bell starts ringing and a trio of figures in red cloaks walk out of the woods is utterly hair-raising.
    • One moment in particular from that scene; Ivy, standing in the doorway of her home, hand outstretched, waiting for Lucius to return, ignoring both the others' pleas to barricade the door and the threat of the creatures. The camera shot focuses on her outstretched hand from the left side of the screen, and you're just waiting for one of the creatures to grab her from the right. Finally, Lucius comes in from the right, but just before that, we see a clawed hand, out of focus, reaching from straight ahead...
  • Being blind and lost in the woods you believe/know are filled with monsters wanting to kill you, and your only defense is a huge, unweildy log/flimsy wooden stick can not be comforting... Worst still, Ivy is alone with the unstable Noah in disguise stalking and chasing her.
  • Noah's death at the end of the movie. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice at the bottom of a pit, and since he's mentally deluded, he probably has no idea why this is even happening. And it more than likely took him a long time to die as well.
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  • Noah's attack on Lucius is very unsettling. After stabbing him, Noah doesn't know what to do with the knife while Lucius is on the floor in agony. Then Noah stabs Lucius again. What makes it very unsettling is how the scene is made. No screams, no soundtrack.

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