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Nightmare Fuel / The Untouchables

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  • If you hear a harmonica in Ennio Morricone's Awesome Music, that's not good news at all.
  • The film contains a big amount of Adult Fear. A little girl is killed in a explosion. Frank Nitti menaces Ness' wife and daughter. A baby in a stroller falls down the stairs in the middle of a shooting between police officers and mafia men.
  • Frank Nitti, who is an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette merciless killer and an efficient Dragon to Al Capone, that causes Paranoia Fuel to Eliot Ness and his untouchables.
    • He was responsible for the girl's death in the explosion at the beginning, even if he only activated the bomb. He didn't care at all if she was there, or if she picked up the bomb and tried to return it.
    • His Establishing Character Moment is him sitting on his car near Ness' home and calmly threatening the agent to kill his family if he keeps messing into Capone's business. The score doesn't help.
    • The way he kills Oscar Wallace and Georgie in the lift. He first shoots Georgie and then shoots Oscar in the eye offscreen and hangs his corpse, writes the word "TOUCHABLE" in the wall with blood and leaves a messy bloodbath. And before that he killed the two officers that were supposed to take Georgie to safety in a police van. Mike Dorsett, the chief of police, crossing himself after watching the scene says everything. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker for killing one of the most likeable characters in the film.
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    • And also Jim Malone's death. Nitti machine guns him mercilessly. And it takes a very long time to die.
    • His Karmic Death is as bad as his crimes. Nitti's smashed corpse lying in the car it fell through. He deserved it after all. The score doesn't help again.
  • The tense wait for Walter Payne, Capone's bookkeeper, at the Chicago Station before the shooting. Travelers passing by and anyone could be a mafia mobster. And then there's the background lullaby mixed with some appropriate tense music when the mother tries to lift the baby stroller at the stairs.
  • In the opening scene, a barber accidentally cuts Capone's face while shaving him in the middle of an interview. His expression says everything about how extremely dangerous will Al Capone be in the whole movie. Wonder if he got to make it after the interview.
    • Al Capone's infamous bat scene tells very much how a corrupt and bloodthirsty monster he is in the movie's world. Think twice not to ever betray him.
      • Worse? This actually happened (although it remains unsure if Capone did it) and the doctor who found the bodies said that in all his career, they were the worst damaged ones he'd ever seen. Also, they used barbed wire as rope.
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  • Georgie's perspective after arrest must have been rather scary. When he's seated, he is smug and defiant — he knows that, at worst, he's going to spend a week or so in jail before the thoroughly corrupt justice system springs him. And that these bozo Feds will never figure out the ledger. If anything, he's worried about what Al is going to say when he gets back. Then, as far as he knows, he sees Malone callously blow his comrade's head off. He suddenly sees that this guy is a maniac who really WILL kill him if he doesn't change his tune right now... and that he could very well kill him even if he does.

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