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Nightmare Fuel / The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

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  • Right before Asterix and Obelix start the Pleasure Island task, Caesar pulls a genuinely creepy Slasher Smile followed by an Evil Laugh, after pondering whether Asterix and Obelix will survive the next task (the Pleasure Island). This is immediately followed by a shot of the Roman senators trying to hide under the table, being just as creeped out as the viewers, brilliantly lampshading this, but not quite managing to serve as Nightmare Retardant.
  • Iris, the Egyptian hypnotist, is pretty spooky, with his glowing eyes, not to mention making people think they are animals. And his deep bass voice in French.
  • The Cave of the Beast. The place is full of Surreal Horror. The monster head-shaped entrance and sound of the wind storm itself before Asterix and Obelix enter the cave are already bone-chilling.
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  • The Place That Sends You Mad. The House itself isn't that terrifying, but seeing the effects is, especially when there are some genuinely terrifying things among all of the kid-friendly crazies. While a woman running down the street acting like a chicken is funny, the man with a Slasher Smile, following her with an axe and chopping wildly... is unsettling.
  • For the eleventh task, Asterix and Obelix have to spend the night on a haunted former battlefield, where a whole legion of ghosts of Roman legionaries awakens. Like the Cave of the Beast, it's really spooky (especially with the spine-chilling music)... until the moment Asterix starts to argue with the centurion ghost. At this point, Hilarity Ensues.


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