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Nightmare Fuel / The Strangers: Prey at Night

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  • The intro where Dollface and Pin-Up Girl stalk Uncle Marv and his wife before killing them off-screen.
  • The kids finding their aunt and uncle's disfigured corpses.
  • In a way, Dollface being unmasked comes off as super creepy. Just seeing this otherwise normal young woman turning out to be a remorseless monster that murdered someone's mother in front of them in unsettling.
  • This scene:
    Kinsey: Leave us alone!
    Pin-Up Girl: *appears right next to her* But we've just started.
    • It's actually a lot more terrifying that aside from Dollface, it's rare to hear Pin-Up Girl speak, especially in regards to the first film.
  • The ending, which is either a product of Kinsey's paranoia, or a hint that the nightmare may not actually be over.
    • Or considering all three of the Strangers died (Pin-Up Girl being stabbed to death by Luke, Dollface being shot in the head, and The Man in the Mask set on fire and getting his neck snapped with a baseball bat), it's possible Kinsey is completely scarred from her experience and her mind is making her believe that Dollface has returned.
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    • The Alternative ending, while not too scary, still adds punch: It plays off like the original, except Kinsey opens the door and sees a bloody smiley painted on the door...only for the lights in the hallway to slowly go out, before the lights in the room go out, causing her to scream.

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