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Nightmare Fuel / The Star Wars Holiday Special

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Lumpy stares into your soul..

  • The fact that Itchy's implied to be masturbating is bad enough, but it gets worse when you consider that he's doing it in front of his family, and they're used to it.
    • The horrifying way his jaw moves whenever the camera cut to him during that scene was sure to haunt the nightmares of many an unsuspecting viewer. Nothing accentuates the sight of a perverted old Wookiee masturbating to VR porn in front of his family to a human woman slowly going insane better than that.
  • Some shots of Lumpy give us a view of some very human-like lips and teeth, giving us some very bizarre Off-Model moments.
  • This placeholder commercial for the animated segment is quite unsettling, containing a backmasked version of an already-creepy Canadian energy PSA.
  • The brief scene of Lumpy walking on the balcony railing. The complete lack of sound besides the wind gives it a quite eerie feeling, and the way it just comes and goes with no explanation or later follow-up can leave you wondering if you even saw it at all.
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  • Luke's unnerving stare is the result of Mark Hamill's face being absolutely caked in makeup to hide some nasty scars he received in a car accident the previous year.
  • The same can be said of Harvey Korman's makeup in his bit as the alien chef.
  • The characters in the animation segments border around the Uncanny Valley.
  • Speaking of Uncanny Valley, there's Lumpy's holographic acrobat circus. Though it's kind of the point that Star Wars creatures look otherworldly, the masks and makeup on the acrobatic performers look bizarre and sinister, especially the fish-like ringmaster. It doesn't help that the performers have off-putting, blank expressions due to the restrictive masks and makeup, which in turn makes the characters they're portraying look coldly unemotive in contrast to their lively carnival feats and the whimsical music accompanying the sequence.
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  • In terms of more intentional nightmare fuel, despite all the silly things happening around it, the main plot is arguably the most oppressive and invasive that we see the Empire. While they've never been a force for good by any means, they're normally in direct conflict with fugitive spies, saboteurs, and freedom fighters who at least have the means to defend themselves. Here, they use the full power of their regime to harass and intimidate a family by entering their home and tearing it apart (and on a holiday, no less).


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