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Nightmare Fuel / The SpongeBob Movie Game

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What kind of old lady are you!?
Bearing in mind this game is based not only on a movie that's actually darker than even the mainline series itself, but possibly THE darkest SpongeBob movie considered, this was inevitable.
  • Inside the Thug Tug, you can clearly see that SpongeBob and Patrick are absolutely terrified, as they run while flailing their arms and screaming. Not helping is the fact that the enemies and environments start getting Darker and Edgier from here on out.
  • The Shell City, Dead Ahead level. The levels taken place in Planktopolis are also frightening (and hard).
  • The Cyclops. In the Google-eyes and Smelly Knickknacks level, Spongebob and Patrick slide on hoses and the Cyclops pops up out of nowhere as you are sliding, and when you are sliding on the electrical cables on the higher level, his hand pops up in front of the jumps.
  • Dennis, the Plankton Statues, and the Frogfish, of course.
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  • Admittedly, the fact that some enemies pop out of parts of the scenery is rather unnerving.
  • Some of the soundtrack is off-putting as well.
    • One good example is the music for the Now That We're Men level. In addition to the disturbing accordion sounds and whatnot, genuine screams can be heard.