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Nightmare Fuel / The Spiderwick Chronicles

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The Spiderwick Chronicles

  • Click, clack, watch your back.
  • The Seeing Stone shows Mallory and Jared encounter a river troll, who attempts to eat them, but Jared suggests he eat the goblins following them instead. The troll thinks about this and agrees to help them. Once Jared and Mallory lure the goblins towards the water, their left to watch in horror as the goblins desperately try to swim away, only to be pulled down screaming to a watery grave.
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  • In Lucinda's Secret, Mallory and Jared get a vision from a unicorn, and why it and faeries are so rare now. Hunters have hunted them for their pelts, and its pain is described in great detail.
  • Mulgarath's true form: a gigantic monster with tree-like features.
  • Jared tries to save some faeries that were placed in jars of honey, drowning to death. He only manages to save a few and is traumatized by the experience.

Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide

  • The whole field quide, especially the troll descriptions.
    • If exposed to sunlight, the trolls turn into stone. Not exactly a pleasant fate to read about.
  • The Banshee from the field guide. Arthur describes them as like brownies, "loyal to their households", but rather than keep it clean "the eerie and gloomy beings wander the grounds of estates, keening and washing the grave-clothes of those about to die."
    • Further descriptions read: "Although banshees are described by some as beautiful and by others as hideous, all agree that there is something terrifying about the sight of one. There are even reports that a few unlucky people who have looked into the face of a banshee died of fright. The song of a banshee is similarly lovely and unsettling."
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    • His comments written around the illustration of a banshee don't help either.
    "The Banshee was spotted wringing blood from a wet rag in her hands. I found out that the cloth was, in fact, the shirt of Albert's dying father. He and Albert's daughter both were victims of tuberculosis. She floated above the ground at all times, hovering over an ethereal bucket and washboard."
  • When brownie's turn to boggarts, there's something slightly disturbing about their transformation, going from something clearly friendly into something malicious and ugly.
  • Changelings, faeries that take the form of children, sometimes even kidnapping them. Your child could be a changeling and you probably would have no idea.
  • Will-o-wisps, have the ability to make you lost, no matter where you are. You can be in your back yard and yet wander around forever lost if you follow the wisps' light.

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