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Nightmare Fuel / The Sick Land

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Where to even begin with this one?

  • Alex's dreams about Bob after his death. As time goes on his body becomes increasingly decayed and covered in white fungus.
  • Ivana's fate. As time goes by the mark on her neck becomes slugs going in and out of her body while she's still alive.
  • The fate of whoever was kept by the subterranean creatures, possibly the old woman from Alex's mental time travel. Her face was somehow kept alive on a rock and the creatures bled her to drink it in a ceremony. Alex describes it as being a "wrinkled bag of flesh about twice the size of a basketball."
  • The nature of the experiments at the second base. The only ones that actually seem to work involve vivisecting people who are contaminated by mal.
    • An unknown test subject has a huge wound the size of a dinner plate in her stomach with an insectoid leg coming out.
    • Subject 83. He used to be a researcher himself until he suffered an accident and was contaminated enough by mal that he was turned into a test subject. These tests include having his skin scrubbed off and burned away. As if that wasn't enough, his condition itself means that he suffers having horrible growths all over his body. The researcher in charge keeps him sedated to keep up the pretense that he's too brain damaged to comprehend anything.


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