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Nightmare Fuel / The Shawshank Redemption

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  • To start, Andy undergoes a decades-long sentence for a crime he didn't commit. Long prison sentences and executions on false charges are unfortunately things that happen in real life.
  • The Sisters. Bonus points for Bogs actually saying "Get his pants off!" during the first beatdown. The audience is forced to think about what will happen.
    • There's something inherently chilling about the utterly bland way Red says "Sometimes [Andy] was able to fight [the Sisters] off, sometimes not." This is a man who has totally accepted that prison rape is merely another "routine" that convicts have to go through. It's even worse in the novel, where Red doesn't outright say that he himself has been a victim of rape, but still gives uncomfortably detailed advice about the measures one needs to take to... recover.
      • In the novella, Red admits he's speaking from experience.
  • Boggs is an awful human being, but it's still terrifying to see him desperately crawling out of his cell, trying to get away from the guards who are clearly going to beat the living shit out of him, only to be pulled back in screaming for help.
  • Byron. Hadley. We already see what a vicious person he is when he brutally beats a new inmate to death just because he kept crying for his mother. Then (albeit he had it coming) he sneaks into Boggs' darkened cell and beats the shit out of him, essentially rendering him a vegetable. Later on, at Norton's orders, he fatally shoots Tommy Williams through the heart due to his knowledge of the real murderer of Andy's wife and her lover. Plus, although we never see it ourselves, it's heavily implied that he beats Andy as well. Namely after Tommy's death, after he's thrown in the hole and Hadley opens his door, his reaction was to cower. Brrr.
    • To boot, knowing that and why Tommy was killed, knowing (probably) that Hadley beat the shit out of Bogs, it's possible he thought Hadley was going to kill him too.
  • Andy spent two solid months in solitary confinement. Two. Months. Think about it, virtually no human interaction besides getting food, half the time spent with the knowledge that you're responsible (albeit indirectly) for the death of your close friend, and that his killers can make your life a living hell at the drop of a hat if you don't do as they say. It's a good thing he had his escape plan ready to go to help keep himself sane.

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