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Nightmare Fuel / The Sentinel

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The film
  • Ever since the protagonist, Alison, moved into the apartment, she has heard weird noises upstairs. She complains to the landlady, who tells her that no one had lived there for years. The next time it happens, she decides to investigate, armed with a flashlight and a knife. She walks inside, and goes inside another room. She starts to look around, when suddenly her flashlight runs out of power. The door opens behind her, and a dark silhouette appears, and walks to the other side of the room, with its back turned towards her. She gets closer, when the figure suddenly turns around. It's her undead father. The creature begins to attack her, although she stops it by attacking it with the knife, slicing the tip of its nose, and gouging its eye out in the process.
  • Charles Chazen seems like a lovable eccentric old man, right? Wrong. He's the devil himself, and he is terrifying once this is revealed.
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  • The sheer idea that Alison cannot fight fate and forceful becomes the next Sentinel. Also borders Tear Jerker.

The series

  • Pretty much everything that happens to Blair because of his association with Jim: being an unarmed hostage, trapped in a bus with a live bomb, getting kidnapped by a serial killer, being drowned in a fountain, etc.
  • Both in childhood and in adulthood, Jim believing he was going crazy when his senses went into overdrive.
    • Jim's father certainly helped to instill that belief.
  • Simon's son Darryl being kidnapped.

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