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Nightmare Fuel / The Rugrats Movie

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Angelica had no idea how correct she was for bringing Spike along...
This is probably the darkest and most nightmare inducing of the whole Rugrats franchise. The whole idea of toddlers being lost in the forest. This brings the series' inherent Fridge Horror to its utmost seriousness: this show is a long line of incidents in which helpless and naive infants are neglected to wander off on their own.
  • When Stu inadvertently causes the mattress truck—with the babies inside—to swerve and crash through the guard rail and plunge into the forest, the driver barely manages to jump out. The babies were extremely lucky to have a ton of mattresses to cushion (no pun intended) their impact of the crash.
  • Tommy finally snapping at Dil's selfishness, and in his rage, very nearly pours mashed bananas onto Dil so the monkeys would take him away. It's thundering and raining the whole time, and Tommy just starts acting more and more crazy as he starts ranting about how much Dil has ruined his life. Horrifying. Beware the Nice Ones indeed!
    Tommy: You think this is funny?! Phil and Lil was right. You're a bad, naughty baby and you're never gonna get any better! I'm through being your big brother! I don't want my "sponsatility" NO MORE! (tosses his watch away, the monkeys notice)
    Dil: My monkey, my monkey!
    Tommy: You want monkeys? Oh! Ok, I'll give you monkeys. Oh, you have a monkey mommy, a monkey daddy, and a monkey brother! I should have let my friends take you back to the "hopsicle". But noooooo, I said. He didn't mean it, I said. He was only playin'! Well, I was WRONG! Now I don't even have friends! (throws a diaper over his shoulder, the monkeys grab it) Dil wants monkeys, and monkeys want the nanners. (takes out the mashed bananas) Ohhhh, EVERYBODY GETS WHAT THEY WANT!
    • And also considering, those monkeys would've been drawn to the bananas and probably would've torn Dil apart. Considering he nearly kills his baby brother makes it even darker. Even he is disgusted when he sees his reflection, but that's only when, in that exact moment, the storm raging overhead unleashes a massive burst of lightning and crashing thunder, terrifying Dil when he sees the Nightmare Face the storm casts on Tommy, causing him to finally have his Heel Realization epiphany, pleading for forgiveness from his big brother for his actions and protection from the storm.
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    • The worst of it is that the moment in question apparently is a parallel to the biblical Binding of Isaac!
  • When Chuckie, Phil and Lil are in the thunderstorm where the lightning makes several trees resemble monsters. Then, lightning strikes one tree. They all run for cover and it seems to have crushed Phil... but he's okay, he really only accidentally left his shoes behind.
  • Scar Snout the wolf stalking the Rugrats.
    • There’s also the fact that he comes so close to eating Angelica by herself not once, but twice and the first time she’s never even aware he’s behind her.
    • Even when he's off-screen, he's still terrifying.
    Tommy: I don't think it's a wolf, Chuckie. If it was, we'd hear him say...
    (Scar Snout howls in the distance as Tommy prepares to mimic such a sound.)
    Phil: That was pretty good.
    Tommy: I didn't do anything.
    (Scar Snout howls again.)
    All: WOLF!!! (The Rugrats jump into into the Reptar Wagon and speed off)
    • At the climax, the babies are cornered by the wolf; even the monkeys are terrified and ran away in fear of the wolf's presence. Just as it seems that the babies are about to be killed, Spike arrives to the rescue.
    • Even as Spike fearlessly fights Scar Snout, the battle is pretty brutal. The wolf savagely rips off Spike's collar. Spike pins the wolf again, but the wolf forcefully swats him and sends him tumbling to the edge of the bridge handing for dear life! Angelica blows a raspberry to distract the wolf from killing Spike, and the wolf turns his attention to her! Spike leaps and bites the wolf's tail and the wolf's jaws slam shut inches from Angelica as Spike slowly drags him through a hole in the bridge. The wolf loses his grip, sending both canines plummeting into the river below. Fortunately, Spike survives by landing on the bridge's support arm.
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  • Not technically part of the movie, but the newly introduced Klasky Csupo logo of Splaat (Super Scary Face) terrified a lot of children who saw it at the end of the movie (whether it be the first time or not). In addition to the jarring nature of it as it comes directly after The Stinger, imagine being a child in the theater back when the movie first came out too.

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