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Nightmare Fuel / The Road to El Dorado

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"Do as I command!"
  • Tzekel-Kan is a pretty sadistic villain. Extremely power-hungry, sadistic, bloodthirsty, manipulative and even psychotic. He takes glee in human sacrifice.
    • He adds his own assistant to the concoction to finish the summoning stone jaguar.
    Tzekel-Kan: It needs more...body. (kicks his assistant into the cauldron)
  • The entire scene with the stone jaguar. It suddenly emerges from the temple growling menacingly. Miguel and Tulio's girly screams are completely justified.
    • Then Tzekel-Kan comes out from behind the jaguar and taunts the heroes.
    Tzekel-Kan: Now everybody will know the truth of your "divinity"!
    • As the jaguar continues to attack the city, Tzekel-Kan's eyes glow a sickly green and his fingernails extend into claws - mirrored by the jaguar statue extending its claws.
    • The stone jaguar chases Miguel and Tulio into a lava flow where they're nearly tipped into the magma that the creature eventually sinks into. Is it defeated? Nope, it simply leaps out of the lava and continues to chase the duo, eventually cornering them at the edge of a cliff.
  • Hernan Cortez Himself when he first meets Tulio and Miguel is pretty creepy, the darkness that surrounds him and the way that he looks contribute greatly to the effect.
    • Noteworthy that his Leitmotif is none other that the famously ominous Dies Irae segment from Symphonie Fantastique which mirrors what he will be for the natives.
  • On the DVD, whenever you press the "play movie" icon, the stone jaguar suddenly jumps down and growls as the screen fades.

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