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Nightmare Fuel / The Property of Hate

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Lots of it, as you might expect from a world where mental phenomena have a physical reality and absolutely everything is a potential threat.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • The Fears, true to their name, are quite scary. They're black, lanky creatures with scythes for heads and can root you to the ground if you let them. And they impale Hero through the chest in the second chapter.
    • Actually, both RGB and Hero getting shanked through the chest by Fears. They both would probably be done for if she didn't accidentally crush that vial when she fell.
    • Other frightening entities include Doubts and Grief. The Doubts try to engulf Hero and Grief nearly drowns RGB.
  • RGB's nightmare during Page 73, Page 74. and Page 75
    • The nightmares he has during Page 244and Page 244 show that RGB isn't fond of irons...
  • Toby's backstory consists of him being sown back together with his own nerves. The implications of that alone is bound to unnerve some readers.
  • Also, RGB's Superpowered Evil Side is this for some readers and, apparently, Hero.
  • Click is more than just a tin soldier. His defeat is also rather unnerving as well.
    • Click is just nightmarish full stop. He's a tin soldier who doggedly pursues RGB and Hero with full intent on murdering them both. Even being on death's door doesn't stop the nightmares with his water-logged face and him still living within his remaining eye.
  • Page 300 has RGB reveal that the world they're is the world that dreams. What he says here brings up some Fridge Horror:
    RGB:But imagine being told one day- 'your story is not safe'. That your story might no longer exist- have never existed- may never end because it never was.
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  • Hero's description of her nightmare after being attacked by one during Page 306
    Hero:And I was put in a little glass box and it was dark and- and- nobody heard me and- I couldn't breathe and... Then? I think? I died? And- A-And they ate me...



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