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Nightmare Fuel / The Polar Express

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Bah humbug!

  • Almost every character has dead, cold eyes. It was the first film of its kind, but the effect is really unnerving.
  • Would you want to be on a train while it's going down tracks that look like a roller coaster on acid?
  • The scene with the puppets and the hobo ghost in general. Especially when you know his backstory - one night, he didn't make it to the engine in time and was killed on impact, and he was trying to spare the protagonist the same fate. Later in the movie, he gets hit against a wall and disintegrates.
  • The bit with the music slowing down is downright creepy, if only because it happens for what seems like no reason.
  • The protagonist almost falls off the train several times.
  • The mood swings of the conductor can make you think he's about to physically harm the kids at any moment.


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