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Nightmare Fuel / The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

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  • While the unmasking scene is considered Narm these days, it was absolutely terrifying to audiences at the time.
    • Here's a challenge: show the movie to a group of people who are only acquainted with the 2004 movie and/or musical and know nothing of the 1925 film. Chances are high there will be screaming.
    • The Phantom might just be the freakiest-looking character in the entire Universal Horror library. His face is so deformed that it almost resembles a skull.
      • Rather impressively for a movie that's over 90 years old, this movie's version of the Phantom is widely regarded as having the most inhuman and disturbing appearance out of any adaptation of the story thus far.
    • As impressive as the makeup job remains now, at the time it was so shocking and unexpected that audience members fainted at multiple screenings.