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Nightmare Fuel / The Outer Limits (1995)

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That's not creepy at all.

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • "The New Breed": the Body Horror transformations that the main character Dr. Andy Groenig goes through (which include growing gills, eyes in the back of his head, bones above his stomach, extra keen hearing, and jellyfish-like stinging tentacles on his skin.) Not to mention his increasingly desperate attempts to stop the nanobots culminating in an attempted suicide that fails due to the bots fixing him, which leads to him sacrificing his life by allowing his best friend Dr. Stephen Ledbetter to kill him and destroy the lab containing the remaining nano-bots in a fire. It ends up being for nothing, as the episode ends with Andy's grieving fiancée Judy having cut her finger on a shattered photograph of him. The wound heals immediately, implying that the nanobots have spread to her as well.
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  • The ending of "Blood Brothers": Michael Deighton, fearing death by Huntington's Disease, takes the newly discovered wonder drug Deighton C to live forever. However, it turns out the drug has the side effect of using up all of the user's cell energy, thus turning him into an incapacitated and aging body similar to Tithonus, unable to die but cursed to spend the rest of his life on life support.
  • The ending of "Breaking Point": Andrew McLaren travels forward in time two days and finds his wife Susan dead in their house, having been shot. It turns out that his attempts to prevent her death are what resulted in it happening in the first place. He then travels back in time to 1993 and kills his younger self just before he was about to meet Susan so that she will live. However, Susan was severely depressed at the time and Andrew was the one who helped her get her life back together. This episode ends with Susan taking an entire bottle of pills with alcohol. The clear implication is that she will not survive the night.


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