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Nightmare Fuel / The Omen (2006)

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  • The scene when Kate is in the hospital and the evil nanny uses a syringe to create an air bubble in the IV line which slowly moves down the tube and Kate is unable to do ANYTHING. Watch this scene and realize how utterly quick and easy it is for someone to kill you in the hospital.
    • It's made worse by Kate's thrashing and muffled screams of fear as the air bubble sloooooowly moves through her IV and enters her...then she begins to die as the nanny keeps her down. Dear GOD.
  • The mother's nightmares are examples of this. The first has her in a tub, her wrist bleeding, then seeing Damian wearing a wooden mask, then cut to her face, then back to Damian making an inhuman scream while holding the rope the first nanny hanged herself with. The second has her brushing her teeth when she hears something. There's nothing but when she closes the bathroom mirror, there's a red-cloaked... thing wearing an animal skull over its face. The movie implies it's Satan himself.
  • The first teaser shows Damien just swinging on the swings, with his dog. Nothing scary is afoot......until Damien looks at the camera for a prolonged amount of time, with his cold emotionless stare. Also at the end of the teaser, a growl is heard.
  • The second teaser that came out for the remake: It starts off with a family outside their home putting...something together, with the slow growing tension with the reveal being crosses being put on the side of the house. Then the shot cuts to the reveal that every house now has wooden crosses all over it's sides, before cutting to black and the words "His Day Will Come" with the film's release date being June 6th, 2006, aka 06/06/06.