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Nightmare Fuel / The Nutcracker Prince

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  • It comes in the unexpected twist where a dying Mouse King suddenly appears one last time at the Land of the Dolls, while everything is shutting down, to try and kill Clara, though if it's just to spite the Nutcracker or if he's losing his senses and can't tell she's not the Nutcracker is anyone's guess - his crazy eyes strongly suggest the latter.
    • Keep in mind that he was able to come all this way and attack her after being stabbed in the heart.
  • Heck, even just the Mouse King's picture on the film's poster is revolting to look at!
  • The entire final minutes of the film prior to the ending, where Clara deciding she needs to put her childish fantasies behind and grow up causes everyone and everything in the Land of Dolls to turn lifeless and be engulfed by mist and she then wakes up to find her Nutcracker has vanished, is this mixed with Tear Jerker. The sections of Tchaikovsky's "Pas de Deux" that play during this sequence only adds to this.
  • One other thing to note when the Mouse Queen comes to Princess Perlipat's bedchamber, as she chants her spell, her voice starts merging with a very creepy like voice and as that happened, her claws in the shadows look very disturbing around the sleeping girl.
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  • The Mouse Queen's death can be a bit disturbing, especially since we can see her corpse flattened underneath a large pillar when the pillar fell on top of her.

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