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Nightmare Fuel / The No Sleep Podcast

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Given that this is a horror fiction Podcast, you can expect some pretty terrifying stories coming from the denizens of Reddit.

     Season 1 
  • "The Stairs and the Doorway", the first story on the first episode of the podcast. Just the description of the monster in the basement sends chills up your spine.
    I saw a black form rushing towards me, running towards me, filling the hallway, howling and laughing and speaking, in a voice that sounded like mountains collapsing.
    I remember fangs, and words that turned my bones to rusted glass. I remember feathers, and a hand with too many fingers, jeweled with something unspeakable. And the smell, the stink of something long caged.
    I remember wings.
  • "My First House". Basically, a guy moves into an old house in the woods that used to belong to his grandparents, and he finds his mother's diary that details her brother James's horrific acts of violence and murder he committed before escaping into the woods. The guy starts finding cigarette butts everywhere and his mother's old toys are left in random places around the house, and when he finally leaves, his mother denies the existence of a brother named James.
  • "Jack's Back", which needs no explanation but the final lines:
    I sometimes still wake up to Jack standing over my bed, draped over something far more sinister.
  • "There's Something Wrong", in which a monster torments a woman locked in her house after a party. It eventually gets so desperate that it starts throwing blood, body parts, and viscera down the chimney to scare her.
  • It isn't bad enough that the narrator of "I Couldn't Resist You" is hiding behind a Mask of Sanity, but the revelation that he's planning to torture and murder a teenage girl he saw in a gas station once.
  • "Kenneth", which is about a man that develops disturbing pictures of himself standing behind people in dark rooms.
  • "The Friendly Man", which is a deformed creature that breaks into your house, chains you to your bed, puts a padlock over your mouth, and tortures you for weeks, months, possibly years, until he finally lets you out and goes to find someone else to torture. Talk about Paranoia Fuel.
  • Let's just say that "Cologne" will make you want to check every corner of your house before you go to bed at night.
     Season 2 
  • "Mall Santa", the fourth story on Season 2's Christmas episode, is about a mall Santa who tells a young girl that her father, who's recently died, is waiting for her in Heaven. The little girl and her mother later die in a car accident. The story ends with the ghost of the dead girl appearing in the backseat of the Santa's car, screaming in a blood-curdling voice:

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