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Nightmare Fuel / The Moomins

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Poor guy.
  • The Groke was this to any child who ever watched the show. Especially in Finland, Poland, France and Japan, where she has the most terrifying voices. Also, making her mute in the English dub is creepy, too. It was greatly helped by the build-up and suspense in her introduction episode, along with the horrifying music that played throughout her scenes.
    • In her first episode, Sniff is tired of waiting for the Groke and certain that Thingumy and Bob made her up to scare him, so he decides to go back home. Just as he walks past the door, he turns back and she's there (see the page image).
    • Also the screen is darker than in the Japanese version so only her eyes and teeth are visible.
    • This Moomin's Nightmare Sequence scene in her second episode is even more scary - he tries to run away from her, but is too slow and gets caught.
    • Shortly after her initial departure, the Moomins and Snufkin hear her voice on the wind, screaming "I'LL BE BACK! I'LL BE BACK!" The delivery of the line, depending on the dub, is slightly silly, but even then the threat of this...thing returning after the Moomins just got rid of her is pretty disturbing. That said, it later turns out that she's not all bad.
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    • The Groke was so horrifying in fact, that in Poland it caused a nation-wide fear in almost all children, some of which were even left traumatised for years, leading to some parents forbidding their children from watching Moomins, and some using the Groke as a Bogeyman to scare their children into good behavior. Any 90s or 2000s Polish kid will know how it felt.
  • The Lady of the Cold, with her creepy singing and ability to freeze people where they stand. It bears to mention that even the Groke is afraid of her.
    • She's worse in the book. Anyone frozen by her dies instantly, they can't just be thawed up again like in the anime. In the anime she is an actively malevolent force who intentionally freezes people. In the book she is a True Neutral force that just happens to freeze everyone she meets. She does not seem to give a second thought to the people who get frozen to death when they come into contact with her. That's right, she is a straight up Lovecratian horror.
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  • That purple abomination Moomin turns into when he's transformed by that purple hat in the first episode. The fact that Moomin's voice is in tact as he transforms makes it all the more unsettling to look at AND listen to.
  • The Hattifatteners are also creepy, they always travel in large groups and doesn't seem dangerous at first; however they are terryfying when they get angry and when the electrify themselves, which makes them dangerous to get close.
  • Some of Sumio Shiratori's music scores for the 90s anime were really disturbing. This one (Groke's/Mårran's theme) is probably the scariest, especially in the parts where you can hear (synthesized) choirs.
  • The second part of Comet in Moominvalley is pretty disturbing, especially at the end when everyone seeks shelter and quietly awaits the coming doom. Fortunatly, the comet never strikes earth.
  • The Dangerous Journey. The world Susanna goes through and maybe created is outright terrifying, both in the stylistically creative imagery and in the story itself. The imagery is beautiful, but incredibly unsettling, with red skies, creepy as hell owl-things, a dried out ocean, and a black sun. The story isn't much better, with the journeymen coming close to an active volcano and going straight past the Groke herself. Crowning moment of creepy, however, has to be when they leave Snufkin and Wimsy. Something is chasing them, and they just make it out on Too-Ticky's balloon, and you know what's worse? We never see what was chasing them.


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