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Nightmare Fuel / The Mighty B!

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  • When Bessie and Happy are yawning, of all things.
  • The spazzed-out look that Portia makes near the end of the first episode "So Happy Together" after her chihuahua's ugly expose in the dog show could disturb some viewers. Want even more nightmare fuel? What Portia didn't know was that her dog wasn't even a dog. It was a rat!
  • At the end of "Bee Afraid", Portia disintegrates from stress (no, really) and the forest animals begin to eat her.
    • Also, Penny's spooky story in its entirety.
      "Who is this 'Penny' you speak of?"
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  • Portia and Gwen's nightmarish look and the evil laugh they make in the climax of the episode "Super Secret Weakness" that lasted only a few seconds, when they torment Bessie with her fear of zucchini.
  • Portia's mother in "Artificial Unintelligence". Enough said.
  • Bessie's middle name "Kajolica" from "Name Shame"note .
  • Bessie's mother, Hilary cackling like a witch at the end of "Catatonic". You know what makes it even scarier? Her pupilless eyes and the fire on the background.


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