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Nightmare Fuel / The Legends of Treasure Island

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  • The opening theme music, plain and simple. It opens with a hollow, despairing groan, and culminates in the sound of people screaming and wailing like damned souls. Fitting, given the existence of an Evil Sorceror and Satan himself as the Big Bads. Listen for yourself.
    • Though Season Two botches it by replacing it with an upbeat vocal theme due to change of music team.
  • Pew himself is considered this. The series took a very minor character and made him very threatening!
  • There was an episode where a wandering sailor walked toward the Cave of Babel and when he went inside, approaching the mysterious crystals, he began changing and forming before turning into a stalactite, with his face fused into it!
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  • The beginning of Season 2 has Pew drowned. However, he slowly floats upward with his opened eyes, which you can see are as black as night, glowing, bringing him Back from the Dead in a very creepy manor.
  • Pew's dragon and the inside of it can make anyone feel very nauseous, especially with the creatures that are grown inside it! The dragon itself was even shown to be a baby born from the fires Pew made before it grew to a ginormous size.
  • The Light Keeper in "Emily" that steals all the souls. It transforms to the people you love and care for, luring you just close enough for its eyes to open to reveal itself before transforming, taking the soul or ghost!
  • The premise of what's happened in the final episode after Long John Silver is taken back to Hell by the devil: It starts a bit heartwarming with the treasure and the crew celebrating their finding and returning home. However, as it shows the squire about to have a snack, all of a sudden, without warning, he is hit on the head by Pew and the music suddenly starts becoming creepy. As the creepiness continues, Pew is secretly putting ether/chloroform on Livesey who was cleaning his glasses, knocking out Ben who was writing, waking Jane when he extinguishes the candle near where she was sleeping, making her gasp in shock. (Fortunately, as it's shown at the climax, Jane didn't get knocked out or captured.) And things get worse when Pew comes behind Captain Smollett, about to hit him on the head with a hook object. Both fight with Smollett losing and Pew slashing down. And this time, unlike all the other close calls the good guys endured during the series, Smollett isn't coming back!
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  • The final episode has Pew retrieving the artifact he seeks and glowing a golden eerie glow similar to his eyes. Had it not been for Jane arriving in time to knock the artifact away, Pew would've won and killed Jim!

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