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Nightmare Fuel / The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

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  • Possessed Zelda is terrifying. It's the incongruity between the hideous red eyes and the rest of the body. Bonus points for the resembling that of another.
    • Special mention to the very moment where Zelda becomes possessed. She starts writhing in agony despite literally being a hollow shell prior and gets consumed in darkness. It's a very chilling scene.
  • Those ever-gasping mouths in the Marine Temple. Stop staring! And the fact that you have to ram a sword down their throats is equally disturbing in a different manner.
  • Like Likes can hide in pots in this game. Let that sink in.
  • This plays when the rocktites are just out of sight. This plays when it is stomping closer and closer as you frantically fire ineffectual cannonball after ineffectual cannonball into it.
  • This unused concept of the possessed Chancellor Cole is quite disturbing.
    • It's even more disturbing when paired with the description it gets in Hyrule Historia. The decapitated Malladus beast head begs Link "Please, help me" as it melts, which makes you the cry for mercy coming from Malladus or Chancellor Cole, who was unwillingly possessed and mutated? He unquestionably deserved his fate but one can't help but feel sorry for him...
  • Dark Trains. They're giant steampunk kamikaze trains with creepy flaming faces which patrol areas of the map with the intention of ramming you and exploding. Normally, they would be classified as Demonic Spiders, but what truly drives their horror home is their theme song. You're driving along, and see one coming up behind you on your map, then, once they come within draw distance and you see how imposing they are, the lovely overworld music is replaced with a frantic, almost incoherent mess of a song. Armoured Trains are far worse; while Dark Trains have the personality of a random number generator trapped in a hockey arena, Armoured Trains actively pursue you, even going as far as to change direction and even try to sneak up on you. And there's nothing more startling than to be chasing down trains in the endgame, only to have that last one turn around and rocket down the tracks at you at five times its normal speed just as your Tear of Light wears out.
    • The fact that the first encounter you have with them has a huge chance of them sandwiching you? Sleep with the image of two demonic trains coming from ahead and behind, and you being as vulnerable as a princess because you took the wrong route.

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