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Nightmare Fuel / The Last Podcast on the Left

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  • The Last Podcast On The Left infrequently features scenes which the hosts refer to as Gold Star Moments, moments so disgusting or disturbing that the listener deserves a "gold star" if they are able to keep listening.
    • The earliest of these occurred in the Albert Fish series of episodes. Later episodes, such as their coverage of the Children of God and Richard Chase, also contain noteworthy examples.
  • At the end of Episode 94: Creepypasta 5, Henry shares a frightening dream that he had:
    Henry: I got this giant letter in the mail. [...] I open it up, and I pull it out, and [it was] written in childish handwriting. It was from my grandparents house, and it said... I forget the exact wording, but it's like, "We're not your grandparents. We're in their house. They should learn to lock their doors."
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  • Near the end of "Episode 189: 9/11 Part I - The Day," Marcus talks briefly about the PASS devices on the suits of firefighters(which emit a loud, piercing noise if manually triggered or if the device itself doesn't detect movement from its wearer for 30 seconds). As a New Yorker, the recorded wails of these devices audible in several videos of the September 11th attacks still haunt him.
    Marcus: "I haven't been able to be in silence for the last week, because if it's silent, I hear it."
    "That noise has haunted me for fourteen years... it's horrific and I never want to hear it again."
  • The Donner Party:
    • Henry admits to having actual nightmares about the Donner Party after reading The Indifferent Stars Above, the source material for their two-part episode. Being stranded outside with no food or shelter during a mountain winter is a Primal Fear that most urbanized Americans don't think about in the modern age, but an ordeal like the Donners' is genuinely terrifying, even before the cannibalism started.
      • The Donner Party episodes aren't the first time Henry's research has given him night terrors either; a lot of the alien abduction research he's done has also gotten to him, per his own admission. In one episode, he describes having a nightmare and being afraid to turn over in bed and check on his girlfriend because of the abduction accounts he had been reading about which began after the person looking at their partner and noticing something off about them. Paranoia Fuel indeed.
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    • Patrick Dolan succumbing to hypothermia on December 25th, 1846. It's bad enough to watch the bizzare behaviour of someone undergoing the final stages, but as Marcus points out, nobody at the time peroid knew what hypothermia was. It must have been truly horrifying to watch a man seemingly lose his mind without any idea of why it was happening.
      • The same lack of understanding makes the snow blindness much of the party suffered even more frightening. Henry describes it succinctly - you’re already walking up a mountain in freezing weather, tired and starving and assaulted by constant blizzards, so things are already shitty. And now suddenly you’re going blind and you have no idea why or how to stop it.
    • Equally terrifying is the mania that Lemuel Murphy underwent after eating a single mouse. As Henry explains, the body eventually normalises after thirty-six hours in starvation, causing the hunger pains to leave, but after eating they return as sharp as ever. Thus, the pittance of nourishment from the mouse caused Murphy to go beserk, biting at people's arms and screaming "Give me my bone!" over and over. The kicker? He was thirteen years old.
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    • Mary Donner, seven years old, suggesting cannibalism to those at Starved Camp abandoned by the Second Relief. She'd already eaten her uncle Jacob, and claimed it "wasn't that bad". Henry, the trio's resident Nightmare Fetishist, admits to being creeped out.
  • Josef Mengele:
  • Skinwalker Ranch:
    • The first episode sees Marcus go into some of the folklore concerning Skin-walkers, or yee-naaldlooshii. It’s Gold Star material right off the bat, with fratricide, cannibalism and incestuous necrophilia... and that’s just how you become one. It’s pretty clear that these people are pure evil on the level of most serial killers - small wonder the Navajo don’t like talking about them with outsiders. You know, aside from the yee-naaldlooshii hearing you and hunting you down in retribution.
    • Picture the scene. You’re meditating in a field on a beautiful late June afternoon. It’s a lovely day, the sun is out and everything is quiet and serene. You feel at peace with your surroundings... and then some huge, indistinct thing suddenly barrels of the trees and bellows in your face. That’s what happened to a stranger who asked to meditate on Tom Gorman’s land, and the man was so terrified that he clung to Tom and wouldn’t let go. Tom had to threaten him with violence to even get him to speak.
  • The coverage of Jonestown can be hard to listen to, but the episode where they played Jim Jones’s final address to his cult as they were dying is harrowing.

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