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Nightmare Fuel / The LEGO Batman Movie

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Hello, Gotham City!
As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • I always come to work with a SMILE! Swings back to Nightmare Retardant when it shows the pilot he's trying to intimidate not reacting at all.
  • The Riddler ripping a random dude's arm off by grabbing it with his cane and having a car crash into the man's car.
  • Two-Face's design counts, for unlike his past iterations, this one's scarred face looks as if it's melting off.
    • Allow me to rephrase that: unlike past Two-Face iterations, whose scarred sides' had some flesh remaining, you can see this Two-Face's skull underneath.
  • Batman busting into Arkham to send Joker into the Phantom Zone. He beats up a bunch of innocent guards, corners the Joker who is doing yoga, and presses the button on the projector. For good reason, Barbara locks up Batman and Robin. And as Barbara points out, he encouraged a child to engage in criminal behavior.
  • The neon Joker face in the sky, pictured above.
  • The scene after this can qualify as well, since it pretty much contrasts the first half's Lego Movie humor.
    • First off is Gotham after the Joker escapes from the Phantom Zone with his new army. The sky is turned into a bluish color. Monsters and villains are attacking left and right. The streets are turned into lava. And to top it all off, the villains aren't even from DC in general, including but not limited to Voldemort, the Eye of Sauron, King Kong, the Wicked Witch of the West, Medusa, and British robotsnote . Just be glad that this is a Lego film or things might have been more... messy.
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    • Next is the takeover of Wayne Manor and the Batcave. We have all of the villains taking over Bruce's mansion. Imagine being in Alfred’s shoes and seeing this right outside you door. And this is Wayne Manor, or Joker Manor in this case, the next time we see it, where it is basically, in a trope, an Amusement Park of Doom. Oh, and the Joker manages to get a hold of all of Batman's "wonderful toys", and sends out the villains to use them against him and his team. Basically, the Joker is NOT fooling around when he says he's Batman's greatest enemy.
    • Oh, and it gets WORSE when Batman tries to defeat him by himself. After sending Robin, Barbara, and Alfred away on the Scuttler, he faces off against the Joker inside the transformed manor. We are treated to Batman inside a Hall of Mirrors, all while the Joker calls him out on his own selfish attitude.
    The Joker: Hey, Bats!
    Batman: What have you done to my- Bruce Wayne's house?! You better hope he's a cool guy and doesn't go crazy!
    The Joker: What happened to all your friends?
    Batman: I don't need friends. I don't need anyone to stop you! (chases after the Joker through novelty teeth into a hall of mirrors)
    The Joker: You sure about that? (as Batman continues to break every mirror he sees the Joker in) Look in the mirror, Batman! When I saw you working with your friend family, I thought you changed. But no! You pushed them away. (after Batman breaks through the floor, right in front of the Joker) You ran away from every person in your life, but I'm the one you're always chasing.
    • Finally, we have the Joker, after STILL not being acknowledged by Batman properly, SENDING Batman to the Phantom Zone! Seriously, if it weren't for Phyllis giving Batman a Jerkass Realization, then this might be one of the few times where the Joker actually WON! Though the real props have to be given for how he does so: the Joker has Voldemort levitate Batman, gives him a small but true "Reason You Suck" Speech, and sends him away with the projector. Yes, another reason why the Joker is STILL up there as Batman’s most dangerous foes.
    The Joker: You know, Batman, for once you're right. I'm not your greatest enemy. Your greatest enemy... is you. Goodbye!
  • Orca's head consists of two pieces, a “hat" that forms her actual head, and a standard Lego head that is just the inside of her mouth. It's rather jarring by itself.
  • The way Joker’s eye and mouth twitch angrily when he says “What?!” before getting teary-eyed. It’s brief and sudden, but still rather creepy.
  • Joker spraying Smylex while grinning and whispering evilly during one scene in the end credits. If you know what Smylex does, this is rather horrifying. He's staring right at the camera while doing so, too.
  • Poison Ivy poison kisses some of Oswald’s penguins and then later a random man. The penguins and the man are never seen again, implying that they were poisoned to death. It’s even creepier when Batman made her kiss the penguins to prevent HIMSELF from being kissed. “No killing rule”, my ass.
  • The city starting to fall apart, with the citizens having to link themselves together to save it. The Joker has to hold hands with Batman and crunch his abs to form a sort of human bridge. Joker’s abs aren’t that strong, and if he were any flabbier, everyone including himself would have fallen to their deaths.

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