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Nightmare Fuel / The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

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Being a horror/mystery manga that focuses on corpses, The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is naturally going to have several terrifying moments.

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    Chapter 1 
Less than Happy
  • The manga's Establishing Series Moment: it has an opening scene that starts with beautiful scenes of a mountain and a forest, before cutting to the decaying corpse of a man who killed himself via hanging, and is covered with maggots. His eyes are no more, having rotted away. Then he somehow comes alive, and frees himself from his weakened noose.
  • After Karatsu reveals his power to his friends, there's a panel where a ghostly hand reaches out from the dark to touch his shoulder, and then he looks behind him to see the corpse mentioned above right behind him, apparently having dragged himself the entire way to enlist Karatsu's help.
  • The villain of the case: An Overprotective Dad who strongly disapproved of his idol daughter's boyfriend because he was in love with her, too. After his daughter died, the man stole her corpse and took it home with her so he could resume doing... things to her. And it's implied this happened back when the poor girl was alive, too. It was disgusting enough that it almost made Karatsu throw up after finding her naked body.
    • Then there's the line he drops during a conversation with his daughter's manager: "My daughter Yuki will be with me always." Combined with a sinister Kubrick Stare... eeugh.

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    Chapter 3 

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