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Nightmare Fuel / The King of Queens

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  • In the chaotic and messy final episodes, the future for the Heffernans is spelt out. It's left ambiguous and never actually stated, but there are a few "whoa, doesn't look good..." moments. Doug and Carrie have their biggest and most seemingly final marital break-up. But they break one of the fundamental laws of a rocky marriage - never, ever, have a child to try to rescue a failing marriage. Nothing good ever comes of that. Ever. In fact, they end up with two: the adopted Chinese baby, and Carrie's unexpected child. In passing, we see a pregnant and abandoned Holly who is then serially abandoned by two main characters, who have both promised her a home for herself and the kid. She then hooks up with an inexperienced young Rabbi who has already been manipulated into turning his synagogue into a farce - marrying two Gentiles, under Jewish law, to save everyone's face and to ensure some sort of wedding takes place. His local Beth Din will not be amused. (Could he become an ex-Rabbi, and an ex-Rabbi with a pregnant Shiksa into the bargain?). And then there is a final flash-forward to Doug and Carrie, back in the Queens house where it all began. The house is messier even than when Doug went to complete slob after his break-up with Carrie. Two children are crying or running around. Carrie (normally meticuluously tidy) is at her wits end, and Doug is being wholly ineffectual as a father. It is not clear if Doug succeeded as a salesman - we are led to think not - or indeed whether he got his IPS job back. Nor if Carrie has left work to try and become a home-maker. Either way they'd be raising two kids with insufficient resources. And in the middle of all this... Arthur walks in with suitcase to announce he's back as his marriage to Vera has failed. You'd love to wish them well and desperately hope they made it. But the potential for complete disaster is here....
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  • The episode where Doug gets chased by the crazy truck driver who tries to kill him.
  • While not Nightmare Fuel per se, the scene in "Restaurant Row" where Carrie argues with the waiter and manager is a bit unsettling. It is one of the show's few confrontational scenes that is not Played for Laughs, and the tension displayed is somewhat unusual for the series.
    • The scene in "Foe: Pa" where Carrie tells Arthur what a terrible father he was and is falls into this category as well.
  • Doug and Carrie's marriage, just imagine it without the laugh track. The fact that they now have a kid who will grow up with it just makes it even more unsettling
  • The tone of Season 9 is a lot darker than that of the rest of series, especially the portrayal of Doug and Carrie's marriage as almost completely loveless.

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