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Nightmare Fuel / The Itchy & Scratchy Show

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Various examples hailing from The Itchy & Scratchy Show. The premise of the show is a sociopath plotting to murder his best friend for no reason, typically with loads of gorn, so it's no surprise this show warrants a page.

  • The "Scratchtasia" segment that Bart and Lisa watch in "Itchy & Scratchy Land". Scratchy chops up Itchy to a microscopic, airborne-particle size, only to be literally turned into dust from the inside out by the invincible, axewielding Itchies after breathing them in.
    • The animatronic characters going berserk at the end (a la Westworld) was unsettling as well.
  • The Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, which in addition to sporting a picture-perfect, shot-by-shot parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey, is where Itchy breaks any possible barriers by slicing Scratchy at the waist with some planet rings, followed by yanking his helmet off, causing his head to blow up like a balloon, and then popping his head with a pin, causing blood to splatter on the TV screen in the form of the words "The End". Even harder to watch for Homer, who had a space travel ahead.
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  • Itchy and Scratchy has countless more examples. When Scratchy was showing off his new muscles at the gym, Itchy assumes they are fake inflatable muscles. So he tries to pop them with a pin, and they do not deflate. Itchy, for no reason, decides to stab Scratchy with the needle a couple hundred more times, until Scratchy faints from blood loss. Itchy then starts dissecting Scratchy with a chainsaw, starting with the skin... and he stops halfway through for an in-episode Product Placement commercial break.
  • Another Itchy and Scratchy episode had Scratchy apply to be Itchy's apprentice in a glass blowing shop. Itchy shoves Scratchy into the furnace and starts to blow him out like a piece of glass as he screams. Itchy pulls him out and Scratchy says "i quit" only to get shoved back into the furnace. Later, we see Itchy and his girlfriend drinking in a hot-tub while Scratchy, as a "No Vacancy" sign is in the background flashing. Each time Scratchy lights up, he says "No" in a voice that suggests he's continuously in pain, but not dead.
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  • Itchy & Scratchy are visiting the U.S. Mint. Itchy throws Scratchy onto a press, where he is flattened, stamped, and sliced into individual hundred-dollar bills. He then takes a bundle to a lounge, where millionaire dogs are smoking cigars. One of them uses a Scratchy-bill to light his. Scratchy's eye is atop the pyramid on the seal, panics when he sees the fire, and lets out a blood-curdling scream as he's consumed by flames.
  • The short scene when staying with the Flanders': Scratchy is sitting in his cottage, reading "Nice" magazine. He hears a knock at the door, and discovers Itchy in an orphan basket. Hugs and hearts until Itchy smashes his bottle, let's out a maniacal laugh, and stabs Scratchy repeatedly in the chest. He then steals Scratchy's TV, leaving bloody footprints as he walks over his chest, Scratchy's skin getting sucked upward by Itchy pulling the bottle away. Scratchy can only cry out weakly, "Why? Why? My only son...". While Bart & Lisa think it's hysterical, Rod & Todd are terrified beyond comprehension, with Todd being convinced that he should stab Rod with a broken glass bottle like Itchy did to Scratchy.
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  • Another Itchy and Scratchy episode, where Itchy jumps down a well in a fake suicide attempt. Scratchy dives in to save him, only to be devoured horribly by a crocodile, and to have the water turn blood red. But when he flies up to Heaven, Itchy shoots him in the head, and his wings and halo fall off, which he then plummets again. What's worse is that this was dedicated to "Timmy O'Toole," the boy allegedly stuck in the town well.
  • In another occasion, Itchy prays to God, depicted as a repulsive mouse, to kill Scratchy and cast him down to Hell for no reason. Given all the other animals shown in Hell and the god's depiction, one wonders how many innocent animals were cast to Hell for similar reasons?
  • "Homer the Father"'s Itchy and Scratchy cartoon "Ain't I a Stinger?": the bees turn Scratchy's stomach into a fleshy hive of honeycombs.
  • In one of the comics, we have Scratchy's attempt to stop a chandelier from falling on his former girlfriend. He grabs it before it falls, but it winds up slowly and graphically ripping him in half.
  • Worker and Parasite. The one where, in a parody of Eastern European animation, a badly drawn cat and mouse are fighting in what appears to be the Greek underworld. Or something. Krusty sums it up best:
    Krusty: What the hell was that?"
  • Kitty Kill Condition is really scary. Scratchy runs on a treadmill, eventually having to avoid crocodiles and fire hoops. Itchy put a stick of dynamite in his heart, then Scratchy suffers a fatal heart attack. At his funeral, he explodes, killing his friends and family.
  • "Planet of the Aches" from "Bart of Darkness". Scratchy is sealed in a chamber for 3000 years, and is finally freed by a bunch of evolved, big-brained Itchys. These Itchys don't speak but merely pulse their brains to communicate and perform telekinetic actions, and every time they pulse, they emit a sound which is like a miniature choir inside their heads. Anyway, these futuristic Itchys are surprisingly nice to Scratchy; they groom him and give him a nice robe. Of course, this unexplained kindness doesn't last, and they use their telekinetic powers to throw sharp objects at Scratchy in an arena, chopping him to pieces.
  • "Skinless In Seattle" from "Bart Sells His Soul," where Itchy saws off the top of the Seattle Space Needle and it falls and stabs Stratchy in the eye.
  • "House Of Pain" (or "This Old Mouse") from "Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk", where Itchy drives a nail through Scratchy's head. And hangs a picture of them happily being friends.
  • One segment has Scratchy dining at a fancy restaurant, with Itchy as his waiter. Itchy brings (what is supposedly) a bottle of wine and Scratchy starts drinking it. It's then revealed that the "wine" is actually acid and Scratchy realises this too late as he dissolves from the inside out.

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