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Nightmare Fuel / The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The original novel:

  • Clopin running through the crowd in the final battle scene with a HUGE SCYTHE, hacking at the horses and guards until he is surrounded by severed limbs. He dies shortly afterwards.

The stage musical

  • At the end of the stage version, when Quasimodo is about to throw Frollo to his death, Frollo cries out "You don't want to hurt me!" The gargoyles/chorus whisper to Quasimodo, "Yes you do."
    • It's taken up to eleven in the Paper Mills Playhouse version, as you see Quasimodo's final grasp of sanity slip, ensures Frollo can't escape and hurls him off the roof.
    • Even worse is the Paper Mills version. In the German version, only one gargoyle says the line. In Paper Mills, it's the entire chorus. The effect is both chilling and awesome.
    • That line has a horrifically heartbreaking amount of weight behind it... yes, Quasi does want to hurt Frollo. He always has...
    • As the actor playing Frollo disappears into the shadows during his "fall", a heavy bundle dressed in robes suddenly drops from the ceiling and crashes through the beams at the back of the stage: Frollo's plummet reaching its only possible destination. Up against the swell of the chorus, it makes for one hell of a Jump Scare.
  • "Sanctuary (Reprise)" in the stage version. Taken up to eleven in the American production, in which Frollo corners Esmeralda in her cell and forces himself on her. The claustrophobia of the prison cell set as Esmeralda tries to crawl towards the bars and call for help despite knowing the cell is locked and nobody will free her just sells her helplessness and the discomfort of the scene.
    Esmeralda: No— no! A demon! Help! Help, please!