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Nightmare Fuel / The Fly (1958)

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Looks like a fly got caught in a web...soon to be eaten.
  • The end of the film, when we see that poor fly with the scientist's human head and left arm, trapped in a web and screaming "HELP MEEEEE!" in that tiny, high-pitched voice as a garden spider descends upon it. The inspector mercifully puts it out of its misery by crushing both it and the spider with a stone, which was a blessing considering what would've happened. Even today, that scene is very uncomfortable to watch because it plays to our Primal Fear of being eaten alive. It might also play off for those with a serious case of arachnophobia. Just watching the spider slowly encroach the fly... *brr*
    • The scene also includes quite a bit of Fridge Horror. Its implied that the scientist's human body retained his mind, even though it now had the head of a fly and was thus unable to communicate. That most likely meant that the fly still retained the mind of an insect, and what we heard was the screams of a creature without the capability to even understand what had happened to it, the alien senses it now possesed, and whatever remnant instincts that allowed it to formulate speech.
    • Even worse: if you watch carefully, you see that the inspector doesn't quite make it in time.
    • At the very least it is better that it happened to an insect who didn't have any cognitive functions and any understanding of pain, compared to the scientist's death, where he must have felt something when the hot iron squashed him to oblivion.
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  • The unveiling scene, thanks to some careful direction and spectacular makeup effects, is disturbing even if you know what's coming. Particularly psychologically horrible if you imagine you were the poor wife.


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