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Nightmare Fuel / The Emperor's New Groove

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  • A deleted scene, depicting the guards destroying a cardboard cutout of Pacha's village, is surprisingly intense and shows what would happen had Kuzco gone along with destroying it.
  • Kuzco being surrounded by several vicious jaguars. It's very unnerving thanks to their black fur. The panicking llama sprints for his life, eventually reaching a dead end at the edge of a cliff. Good thing Pacha arrived just in time.
  • Many of the angry faces, eye twitching Yzma does. She's hideous, unfathomably old and a complete psycho. She is, indeed, scary beyond all reason.
    Yzma: I'm not going to drop [the potion], you fool! I'm going to drink it! And once I'm back to my beautiful self, I'm going to KILL YOU!
    • Yzma apparently had a hand in raising Kuzco and just the thought of having someone you viewed as a parent to you trying to kill you is just unsettling.
  • It bears mentioning that in the videogame adaptation Yzma's crocodiles are, well, more competent guards than they were in the movie.

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