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Nightmare Fuel / The Emoji Movie

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Ummm, doing okay, bud?

  • Akiko Glitter's fate, as described under Tear Jerker, is a likely unintentional example. She doesn't know how to do anything else, so she has no choice but to dance in pure agony — forever. Many people have pointed out how disturbing this is, comparing it to the fate of a victim from a Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror Story. The fact that Gene doesn't even bother to save her, despite seemingly befriending her minutes earlier makes it even worse.
  • There is also the Candy Crush Nightmare Sequence where Gene explodes into yellow goo, splattering onto Hi-5 and Jailbreak. Though some people who saw the scene enjoyed it because it happens to Gene.
  • Smiler. Without even factoring in the fact that she's the villain, her design alone is downright terrifying.
  • When the Factory Reset is initiated, the phone's universe starts evaporating, and all the characters are fully aware of this, as implied by the Candy Crush voice stating 'Game Over' as the game is being erased, the utter panic of both the emojis and the malware as they futilely attempt to outrun the erasure, even the YouTube videos react in pain/terror. It's very similar to King Candy's Imagine Spot of Sugar Rush being unplugged in Wreck-It Ralph, only it's happening for real. Feeding into this, this is what happens every time someone deletes/trashes their phone in this universe. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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