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Nightmare Fuel / The Devil and Daniel Webster

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Despite being well over sixty years old, the film's scariest scenes haven't lost their punch...

  • The (moral) climax of the original story is chilling.
    But before he started he looked over the judge and jury for a moment, such being his custom. And he noticed the glitter in their eyes was twice as strong as before, and they all leaned forward. Like hounds just before they get the fox, they thickened as he watched them. Then he saw what he'd been about to do, and he wiped his forehead, as a man might who's just escaped falling into a pit in the dark.
    For it was him they'd come for, not only Jabez Stone...
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  • The scene where Jabez first discovers the fate of those who have made deals with Scratch is pretty disturbing:
    Jabez: Do they all look like moths?
    Scratch: Well, the ones I get usually do, yes.
    Jabez: Are they all so small?
    Scratch: Small? Oh, I see what you mean. Why, they vary. Now a man like Daniel Webster... if I ever got ahold of him I wouldn't be able to keep him in a pocket, I'd have to have a special box built for him and even so I'd imagine the wingspan would be astonishing. Now, in your case I'd be able to put you in my best pocket.