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Nightmare Fuel / The Cure

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"The spider man is having me for dinner tonight..."

  • "A Forest," which has been described as the archetypal Cure mood piece, is based on one of Robert Smith's bad dreams.
  • "Lullaby," which a review described as: "Probably the only song about being eaten alive, that people heard on the radio outside the month of October."
    • Or is it about something else?
      • Some fans interpret as being about rape. "Be calm. be still, be quiet now, my precious boy. Don't struggle like that or I will only love you more." Given this interpretation, this makes the child-like imagery of the rest seem quiet horrifying.
      • Word of God says that it is about scary stories his father told him just before bed, which freaked him out.
  • Pornography: This is their darkest album, and it sure sounds like it. Definitely not a good idea to sleep to this.
    • In fact, the album opens up with the lines: "It doesn't matter if we all die." Touching.
    • It gets worse. The last track, "Pornography," is filled with dissonant guitars, gloomy synths, backward snippets of unknown clips, and Smith's depressing vocals. Probably making it the band's darkest and scariest song. If you do sleep to it, you're more than likely to get jolted awake by the ear splitting feedback at the very end.
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  • "Icing Sugar" seems to be about a coked out murderer.
  • "Subway Song". Oh dear god, "Subway Song". That bone chilling scream at the end is one of the most (in)famous Last Note Nightmares in music for a reason.
    • The scream is implied to be that of the woman from the song who is apparently being watched as she walks through a subway late at night.
    • Hell, Robert Smith's vocals alone are just creepy. The way he's whispering throughout the whole thing will send shivers down your spine.
    Turn around...
  • You don't get much time to recover from "Subway Song" if you happen to be listening to the Boys Don't Cry album. Immediately following that we get what is easily the band's most infamous song, "Killing An Arab". While it's Overshadowed by Controversy these days due to the title, it's actually based on The Stranger by Albert Camus. As the title suggests it's about the title character killing a character who, in the book, is referred to only as "the Arab".
    Standing on the beach
    With a gun in my hand
    Staring at the sea
    Staring at the land
    Staring down the barrel
    At the Arab in the ground
    I can see his mouth
    But I hear no sound
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  • Some of their album covers are pretty creepy. These include Pornography, 4:13 Dream and The Head On The Door.
  • The music video for "Boys Don't Cry" gets creepy around the 1:45 mark when Robert Smith's eyes suddenly begin glowing red as he sings along side the child playing as him while Robert stands behind a curtain. The fact that Robert's essentially a silhouette for the whole video makes the glowing eyes scarier because of how much they stand out.


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