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Nightmare Fuel / The Critic

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  • Jay has a Flashback Cut about a bad experience he had in Duke’s mansion. He was chained to a brick wall by his wrists in a dungeon-like room, a long beard hanging from his face.
    Duke: All right Sherman, you’ve been here long enough. I'll give you the dental plan you want, with a $50 deductible.
    Jay: $25 deductible.
    Duke: (diabolically) See you in 5 years. (slams door)
  • "The Worm from Hell!"
    • It becomes Nightmare Retardant when the Worm from Hell turns out to be as vulnerable as a puppy when Alice says let's go.
  • Falling on the line between this trope and Funny Moments: "In every boy's life, there's a summer of '72."
    • To clarify, Jay was referring to the time Franklin and Eleanor sent him to Attica as a child, thinking it was a summer camp. Including a scene where a young Jay nervously sings "Animal Crackers in My Soup" among a group of vicious-looking inmates.
  • The ending of "Franklin and Eleanor Get Lost" where the monkeys try to eat Jay and Franklin.
    Jay: Uh, Dad? I think they want to eat us.
    Franklin: Don't be silly, boy. I'm their hero!
    (Franklin is indeed inside a long sandwich bun.)
  • The disturbing implications brought on by how Jay's cure saved Duke Phillips but also saved the lives of horrible people, including a seal clubber, a vicious dictator, and three prisoners
    • The leer one of the prisoners gives to the camera is unsettling.
  • "Dorisss, tick tock!" See "Funny Aneurysm" Moment on the YMMV page.
  • Being a parody of Misery, Miserable counts.
    • To wit, Jay begins dating a woman who works as a projectionist at a movie theater. She claims to be Jay's biggest fan and relies on him to figure out which movies are good or bad. So, when he's in her apartment she drugs him and ties him down to her bed, and then she inexplicably decides she wants to kill him. At the end of the episode, Jay goes out with her again after she's let out of prison simply because she paid attention to him. But the last words he says before the screen goes black are "Don't hit me!"
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  • While it's Played for Laughs and shame is expressed over what happened, there's an episode where Jay is attacked by a bear on his show. His screaming and the bear's growling (even though we're treated to a Gory Discretion Shot via a hilarious "Coming Attractions" bumper of "Wheel Be Right Back" with Jay's face inside of the larger wheel of one of those old-time bikes) doesn't make the scene any easier to listen to.
  • When shopping around for a preschool for Penny, one of the places in ran by an amicable-looking middle-aged man who politely asks her to take a nap. When she refuses, he suddenly transforms into a menacing Freddy Krueger-expy who growls at her to obey him. Fortunately, she and Alice promptly leave in disgust.
  • While showing Olivia around New York, she and Jay visit Ulysses Grant's tomb, only for a vampirical Grant to rise from his grave to a Scare Chord, terrifying Olivia and Jay and sending them running away screaming.

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