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Nightmare Fuel / The Cinema Snob

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"I'm going to be watching you..."

  • Whenever an ET porn parody or rip-off is reviewed, expect the ET costumes to be Accidental Nightmare Fuel (especially ET: The Porno, which crosses into straight Nausea Fuel).
  • The "de-fetusing" scene in Las Vegas Bloodbath is pretty bloody disturbing. And made so much worse by the fact that the actress in question was genuinely pregnant.
    • For comparison sake, the Snob then showed the "de-fetusing" scene from his own film Cheap.
    • Apparently, the scene was too disturbing for even Blip to handle, as sometime after the review's release, it was taken down and replaced with a new version that swapped the de-fetusing scene with a less gory shot of the killer slicing open the pregnant woman's belly.
  • The part in Pieces where the stitched-up corpse rips off the hero's balls.
  • The ending/child killing scene in Beware! Children at Play. Even the Snob was freaked out by it.
  • Everything about the Cannibal Holocaust review. And more specifically, the scene where a live turtle is cut into pieces with a machete.
    • He doesn't even show the scene, and yet you can feel the rage and disgust in his voice.
    Brad: [Out of character] The movie is meant to be disturbing as hell, and in that case maybe you want a sadist behind the camera...but there are some things you don't do.
  • From his review of Necromantik, Brad finds that he can't show any of the infamous scene of the movie... but then shows us a clip of the male lead spitting out an eyeball into the corpse's socket.
    • Not to mention the title card... the eyes... the EYES...
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  • Considering all of the above examples, Brad promises that in 2012 things will get a whole lot darker. And he says it sporting a Slasher Smile and his Face Framed in Shadow at the same time. It was confirmed at the end of the Anthropophagus review: He's been deliberately holding back material he deemed too disturbing to critique; remember that this guy sat through Necromantik and Cannibal Holocaust on purpose. He started 2012 with Cannibal Ferox, which is only a notch or two below Cannibal Holocaust on the Squick scale. It can only go downhill from there.
  • Child Bride and Hardgore. Disturbing enough, but he claims he's got movies more disturbing than ones with pedophila, necrophilia, and a movie that is as close to sexualized a snuff film as possible without actual murder. And just when you think it couldn't possibly get any darker... Guinea Pig.
    • Oh, it got even darker: Faces of Death. And at least that's infamous—what sort of obscure horrors is he waiting to unleash?
    • This little film called Gross Out, for one. For the first time in his reviewing career, Brad opened the video with a warning. For extra nightmare fuel points - what the hell was that title card for?
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    • "Hey. Do you like spaghetti?"
  • The opening of Child Bride suggests that the film might offend pedophiles and claims to "not pass judgment", making some Nightmare Fuel for both the Snob and the viewer at the implication that the film might not be completely anti-pedophilia.
  • As the Snob actually acknowledges, Michael's skinned corpse at the end of Return to Sleepaway Camp was surprisingly creepy considering what the rest of the deaths were like.
  • The Faces of Death review starts with a clip of a person's chest cut open with their heart beating inside it. It's strangely hypnotic...
  • One of the characters in Dogs insists that having a dog escape from them is one of the scariest things they've ever seen. Snob responds by saying, "Clearly, you've never seen this..." Then he proceeds to show the screaming woman from the trailer for The Last House On Dead End Street, who is genuinely terrifying.
  • The mini-freakout in his bathroom during reviewing The Stepfather is chilling. Which leads to Nightmare Retardant as the Snob suddenly turns to the camera and asks how his performance was...then the camera man sits down to take a shit...while the toilet lid is still down.
  • Travis Crabtree murdering the Cinema Bum during the review of The Legend of Boggy Creek. The Gory Discretion Shot and twitching hand doesn't help, nor does the Soundtrack Dissonance.
  • Walt Right, as shown in the page image. Sweet baby Jesus, Walt Right. He appears from out of nowhere and speaks in a Creepy Monotone with his unblinking stare fixed to the camera asking Snob to bash the types of people he doesn't like. Pretty much the only thing that brings levity to his appearances is that while the Snob is understandable freaked out whenever he appears, he seems to be so Conditioned to Accept Horror that he only considers him a little nuisance.

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