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Nightmare Fuel / The Cell

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Where, oh where to begin with the horrifying imagery used in The Cell? Can you even begin to imagine the kind of things you expect to find in the mind of a serial killer?

  • The boy who suddenly turns into a snarling werewolf-like creature.
  • The killer's method of killing putting them in a glass tank which periodically showers them with water and stops, then turns on and doesn't stop until they drown, all while masturbating to it.
    • The killer bleaching the bodies to look like dolls and masturbating whilst hanging himself above them via chains attached to piercings in his back.
  • The horse getting sliced up sushi-style. Even worse, it's still alive afterwards.
  • The collection of doll-like, corpse-like women in dioramas behind glass panels, attached to crude machinery that jerks them about in grotesque, sadomasochistic, sexual poses while they moan and groan, and one of them is bound to a dentist chair with her mouth pried open.
  • The giant, rubbery-looking female bodybuilder creeping silently around behind Deane and ambushing her when you'd think her footsteps would be thunderous.
  • The demon with purple curtains attached to his back advancing down the steps and screaming at Deane: "WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!"
    • That's the killer, within his own mind. That's why he's so surprised to see her; she's someone he hadn't thought up himself, inside his mind.
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  • The scenes of child abuse with the father beating his son with a belt, calling him a "faggot" and burning him with an iron for playing with dolls.
  • Novak being shackled down, having a hole cut in his chest and getting his intestines pulled out and spiraled around a rotisserie.
  • A man getting his nipples ripped having his piercings yanked off!
  • The way Deane entered the serial killer's mind: a cloth mask is lowered over her face and slowly, she zooms into the stitches of the cloth, until suddenly she's flying through a thicket of dodgy threadwork and nightmarish dolls jittering across her perspective. The only break from this Big-Lipped Alligator Moment is when she suddenly finds herself watching the killer's baptism- which we later discover resulted in a seizure and near-drowning experience.
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  • When they enter Carl the second time around, it's starts off as a malfunction in the procedure having the technician Henry ask Catherine to find a reboot switch the room. She then discovers she has somehow shrunk and looks behind to find herself suspended. Catherine realizes she's already inside his mind hinting of the possibility that Carl, while comatose, is somewhat aware of what Catherine and the team are doing.
  • Meta-example: Even though he's not adverse to doing roles like this, this is easily Vincent D'Onofrio's scariest role yet. You didn't think that the Gentle Giant was capable of being so evil, did you?


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