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Nightmare Fuel / The Caligula Effect

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Mobius is touted as a paradise of everyone who has suffered in the real world. That couldn't be farther from the truth, as these incidents will tell you.

WARNING! All spoilers will be unmarked for the video game and for the anime!


  • The implications for the comatose inhabitants of Mobius, which is Adult Fear at its finest. Picture this: you are the loved one of one of the patients of Astral Syndrome. Your parent, friend, spouse or child was suffering in some way in real life and could only turn to music for comfort, which attracted the attention of a computer program that gained sentience. Said program wants to provide relief for these poor souls. How? By sending their consciousness to a virtual landscape where they're turned into a high school student and go through a Stable Time Loop, repeating three years of school life. All the while blissfully unaware that their loved ones are watching them waste away at their bedside.
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  • Some of the traumas that the Go-Home Club and the Ostinato Musicians have endured that led to them entering Mobius are all equal parts Tear Jerker and terrifying.
  • The Digiheads. They're denizens of Mobius who are so twisted by Mu's music that they are willing to hunt down anyone who either realizes that Mobius is fake and want to return to the world or are on the verge or realizing it. In the case of the anime, the Digiheads might even be your friends until they hear Mu's music. Imagine the unlucky sod's face as they watch their friends turn into monsters and hunt them down. Ritsu certainly found out the hard way.



  • The fates of everyone who is stuck inside the Landmark Tower. They're all bullies who are receiving Laser-Guided Karma plus Disproportionate Retribution. The anime even shows how brutal some of the punishments are, from a guy being trapped in a locker while Digiheads use said locker in a makeshift game of soccer to someone being forced to eat expired food.
  • Mu's appearance when she isn't able to handle the massive build up of negative emotions. Up until this point, she was wearing white. Now she's become a black-stained Broken Bird with Black Eyes of Crazy to boot, all thanks to Thorn feeding her negative emotions in her attempts to bring happiness to the people inside Mobius.
  • The bad ending of the Overdose edition, which allows you to become an Ostinato Musician and side with Thorn and her plan to destroy the real world. After defeating your friends in the Go-Home Club and Aria, Mu is allowed to corrupt the real world servers and interconnected devices that keep the world running. Inside Mobius, you see the Ostinato Musicians, the brainwashed Club members, and the Protagonist sitting through the usual graduation ceremony time loop as distorted news clips from the real world play about an epidemic running rampant, disasters going out of control, governments collapsing... all of this happens as the graduation loop continues with less and less students appearing each ceremony, their bodies having succumbed to illness or disaster in the real world. By the end, it's only Mu and the Protagonist alone, as the news report finally cuts to static.


  • Marie's reveal as Wicked. In the game, there wasn't much build up or suspense, so The Reveal didn't have much impact. The anime rectified this by having her be close friends with Ritsu at the start of the series. Even the moment in which she reveals her true nature is amped up by the fact that, unlike this time, she didn't accidentally give herself away. Viewers who didn't know about Wicked were promptly shocked when Ritsu's Ship Tease turned out to be a Mad Bomber Leeroy Jenkins!

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