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Nightmare Fuel / The Bridge

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The Godzilla/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover fic:

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  • Both Monster X's and Rarity's nightmare sequences in chapter 20. Rarity sees Equestria ravaged by kaiju and utterly destroyed; capped off by seeing what is heavily implied to be Sweetie Belle's dead body. Monster X ends up sinking into and drowning in blood while painfully transforming into Kaizer Ghidorah, with Kaizer's wings tearing out of his back.
    • The latter gets even worse in the following chapter, as X almost completely changes into Kaizer, and goes on a rampage in Zenith, almost killing Gigan, who tries to restrain him.
    • The story makes no effort to hide the fact that King Ghidorah is considered a complete monster even by other Kaiju. Kaizer Ghidorah is something FAR WORSE.
  • Everything involving the Big Bad Bagan. It caused the Toba catastrophe. For any less knowledgeable about paleontology, this was an event 70,000 years ago that wiped out hundreds of thousands of humans and animals. It was so sudden and drastic, that it nearly rendered prehistoric humanity extinct. And it's implied it was just getting started when it finally was stopped.
    • As Word of God put it, most mythologies made up whole pantheons of gods to make sense of forces of nature. Bagan is a case of a god remembered only as a natural disaster in the form of a mass extinction event because that's the only way humanity could make sense of something like that even existing.
  • The recent reveal of kaiju in Equestria has given half the nation a case of this; worrying giant, alien monsters would appear out of nowhere and cause mass devastation.
  • Kaizer Ghidorah got transported to the Equestria Girls world, where he nearly murders Aria Blaze.
  • Enjin's human form uses that designation very loosely. It's general mannerisms such as being completely silent, having no response to gruesome injuries, Adaptive Ability, and seemingly being only slowed down by everything thrown at it come off more as some malign revenant than a person.
  • The swarm of baby Destroyahs may be funny and cute, but they obliviously release Micro-Oxygen everywhere, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were nearly killed.
  • Grand King Ghidorah continuing to fight after being set on fire and then casually walking around with an enormous gash on his back, which seriously unnerves Gigan.
  • In the recounting of his attack on the Xilian homeworld, Grand King Ghidorah treats us to pleasant sights such as his leveling a populated city and devouring its citizen's souls.
  • The fight between Monster X/Kaizer Ghidorah vs. Grand King Ghidorah in aforementioned flashback is nothing short of brutal. Bones get broken, blood is common, and the entire scene is full of trauma. And it ends in a cut away when Kaizer Ghidorah tore one of King Ghidorah's heads off. Several readers compared it to watching a person getting mauled by a rabid bear.
  • Because Aria Blaze stole some of Kaizer Ghidorah's power in an earlier chapter, Enjin is now hunting her down in full Knight of Cerebus mode, thinking she is his target. He casually knocks a man in his path into an ambulance hard enough to kill him, then kills a hospital orderly mid-sentence.
  • Enjin ups his creepiness when he reveals his chest can open up to reveal a glowing orb he can throw like a bomb and a mass of tentacles. The inhuman way it moves and the fact it can tank falling several stories onto concrete and then a direct collision with a car, only to get back up moments later thanks to its Healing Factor only add to it. How can you kill a Super-Persistent Predator that just refuses to die?
    • Also considering how quick Enjin was to kill several hospital staff that got in its way, it's abundantly clear that it would have killed Monster X or the Sirens had it gotten the chance.
  • Aria absorbing part of Kaizer Ghidorah's energy is starting to mentally and physically affect her, giving her enhanced strength and red eyes, but also making her much more aggressive. Then her body starts transforming into Kaizer's Distaff Counterpart.
  • Irys's Horror Hunger is so bad that she almost ate Megalon.
  • Harmony being plagued by Bagan's memories as the latter went about destroying Terra's ancient civilization. The peaceful goddess is pushed to tears by it all.
  • Aria going completely berserk after unlocking her full power.
  • Enjin assimilating Aria and returning to Kaiju form, then cornering Adagio and Sonata on a bridge.
  • Enjin's true, kaiju form! Holy-!
  • Chapter 31 reminds us that as different as he is from his predecessors, Junior is still a "Godzilla" when he completely loses it and goes on a rampage trying to kill Xenilla. It is brutal.
  • The Reveal that Grogar seems to be a similar creature to Bagan, right down to Legion describing his presence as feeling similar to his.
    • Scarier? The above about Bagan being so destructive that he was mistaken for a natural disaster because that was the only thing they could comprehend him as being? Grogar is just as destructive according to Word of God.
  • Flurry Heart's Bad Future. The good news? The two universes at least weren't completely destroyed. The bad news? Apparently both Bagan and Grogar were unleashed and the resulting war that this caused was devastating and had a high causality count, including her parents. She also apparently lost a wing. For obvious reasons, she makes an attempt to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • We finally learn what happened to the frequently alluded to event at Foal Mountain twenty years ago.
    • A dragon a filly-aged Moonbeam Glimmer attempted to befriend stalked her back home and attacked out of petty greed to get her father's jeweler stock, killing her mother.
    • Mr. Glimmer hid his daughters in a well before sacrificing his own life to distract the dragon more.
    • The dragon, worked up into a predatory lust, then used the smoke and fire to ambush numerous good Samaritans who saw the destruction and came to help.
    • Result? Moonbeam and Starlight Glimmer orphaned and traumatized, half the rural community killed, and the guards who rescued the fillies, Captain Stalwart Sentry and Sergent Medic Fancy Pants becoming Shell-Shocked Veteran to varying degrees.
  • Mizu infiltrates the Equestria Girls world, finds the last fragment of Enjin's core, and sends it to a sleeping Sunset Shimmer, where the fragment possesses her, turning her into a new Enjin.
  • Grand King Ghidorah enters Equestria and causes all the passengers and crew of a ship, including Gentle Leaf's parents and Marigold, to vanish without a trace.
  • Ki Seong's old enemy, Jeog, shows up and breaks into her house to threaten her little niece Gentle Leaf before leaving.
  • The fact Jeog was once adopted by Cho Yon's grandfather's family, and she played a dutiful daughter for a long time before out of nowhere deciding to kill them.
  • Jeog can impersonate anyone, and unless you have iron handy or she forgets a detail, it will be too late when she decides to gut you.
  • Jeog's illusion failed when she tried to feed Seong a bowl of what looked like soup, Seong's iron hairpin falling in. If one is familiar with gumiho lore, they can guess was was actually in the bowl. It was probably part of Cho Yon.
  • The graphic description of Anguirus dragging Jeog into the fire until all that is left is her skull.
  • While it isn't directly stated note , it's heavily implied the Sirens were children born of rape with their mothers being taken captive by violent invaders.
    • Fridge Horror kicks in when you realize Adagio and Sonata have the same mother but Adagio was born several months earlier. note 
  • Chapter 38 confirms what was implied earlier, King Sombra was a usurper to the Crystal Empire and took over after betraying and murdering Princess Amore and her husband Bene Lyric.
    • He also would have killed Amore and Lyric's infant daughter had King Caesar not rescued her after violently mauling and biting off Sombra's horn.
  • Grand King Ghidorah's trademark cackle is actually the death cries of everyone he's ever killed and soul stolen.
  • Grand King Ghidorah's mind control on Starlight Glimmer is basically driving her insane and monstrous, assaulting her own sister, kidnapping and confining an eleven year old filly; all to just get at Godzilla Junior.
  • Due to having her origins tied to finding King Sombra's book, Starlight Glimmer's cutiemark removal spell is even worse than it was in the canon. The equals sign? It's actually aerenth crystals, black gems that suppress most types of magic, being forced into the skin to make the sign.
  • Nightmare thinks she found the perfect host in Godzilla Junior. But it turns out she was horribly, horribly wrong.
  • Chapter 39 ends on a cliffhanger, with both Nightmare (Shin) Godzilla Junior and Kaizer Ghidorah turned loose...
  • By combining its own earth powers with Sunset Shimmer's fire magic, Enjin turns into a living volcano.
  • Grand King Ghidorah attempting to level the entire continent in a Taking You with Me.
  • As terrifying as the Ghidorah Arc managed to be, remember: this was after Empress Flurry Heart performing a Set Right What Once Went Wrong and according to Word of God was the best possible outcome to this arc. Flurry Heart's timeline? Take a look.
  • In Critical Research Failure, Xenilla's full kaiju form destroying most of Storm King's fleet from Tempest's perspective shows how terrifying a kaiju can be to someone on the ground. Xenilla being obscured by smoke and described as impossibly large makes him sound more like an Animalistic Abomination.
  • Some Windigos are loose in the Equestria Girls world. They retain their hate and ice powers, and can possess humans as host bodies. Then we learn that they are the Siren's fathers, who raped their mothers who they had abused as slaves to the point that they eventually died when the Sirens were still rather young...
  • The Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash's encounter with a very livid Monster X is quite unnerving, her attacker chasing her down across several rooftops despite her attempts to parkour away. After restraining her against a wall, he threatens her to summon Twilight Sparkle and hope Twilight sees her again before he does.
  • Princess Celestia becomes a living embodiment of rage when she learns that Sunset is distressed due to X’s attack on Rainbow Dash. It takes Xenilla, Mothra Lea, and Twilight’s efforts to keep her contained and yet she still breaks through everything they throw at her and barely gets herself to calm down when Twilight talks. Seeing the normally calm Celestia so enraged is quite jarring and disturbing.
  • Sonata Dusk's memories of the loss of her Heart is quite hard to read since she remembers being pinned down by a strong man and being unable to keep him from stealing something that’s emotionally valuable to her.. She tries to distract herself with videogames, but the memories still haunt her.
    • She later tries to relax by taking a swim underwater, but gets so caught up in her good memories that she tries to sing under the water and nearly drowns. If she hadn't been rescued by her family, she’d have unknowningly killed herself.
      • If Monster X seemed on the warpath before, he most certainly is now after helping Adagio and Aria save Sonata from drowning. After knowing Sonata would be safe with her cousin and sister getting her to a doctor, he storms off in a rage towards Canterlot Highschool while mentally vowing he'd drag the half dead Twilight Sparkle back to them by her hair if he had to.
  • Chapter 43 ends with Mothra Lea, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike meeting up with Flash Sentry and four of the Human 5... just in time for Kaizer X to pin point their location and start making a beeline towards them.
  • When Celestia hears that Twilight has been kidnapped, she becomes furious, and simply walks through the barriers others create to stop her.
  • The entirety of the 2018 Halloween special past the first third.
    • Four of the main heroic incarnations of "Godzilla" all unite to fight Godzilla-Earth, The Bridge's Godzilla Junior and Zilla Junior, the Showa Godzilla, and the Legendary Pictures Godzilla. After a four on one fight with several Hope Spot moments... Godzilla-Earth brutally kills them all... And then the Leviathan is formed.
    • The Leviathan has a battered, beaten down Godzilla Earth at its mercy. Any reader hopes it would end it quick were dashed when it rips off Godzilla Earth's tail, impales it to a mountain with it, and then slowly eats it alive. One particular moment has it holding up the barely conscious Godzilla Earth's head by its cheeks... and then slowly bites off half its face.
    • Metphies suffering a mental and ideological breakdown. After murdering a Houtua and Dr. Martin, he begins summoning King Ghidorah. After getting shot through the chest with an arrow by Maina, he refuses to die and nearly strangles Maina until Haruo guns him down with a ludicrous number of bullets.
    • Almost all of the Exif onboard the Aratrum kill numerous crew members before committing mass suicide to summon King Ghidorah earlier than in canon.

    The Bridge: Sound of Thunder 
  • Raiga landed in Equestria's Mirror Universe, where Xenilla and Destroyah are heroes, but her friends are homicidal maniacs. This includes a graphic, barely disguised description of Godzilla eating what is presumably a fully sentient deer and spilling blood everywhere, which mildly disgusts Battra Lea.
  • The fact that a moral polar opposite to the heroic Godzilla Junior we know and love even exists. With Junior being as enormously powerful as he is, the strongest ever of his kind, the only reason he's not one of the worst monsters in history is due to a huge case of Upbringing Makes the Hero. This Godzilla Junior has none of that and is just as powerful, without any of the main world's Xenilla's Pragmatic Villainy reigning him in. Encountering, let alone being under threat of a monster would be nothing short of terrifying.
  • Raiga going through the broken remains of the Thicket deer kingdom. The shattered realm being described as nothing else but haunting.
    • Capped off by her seeing King Aspen's skeleton, one antler torn off and jammed into the ribcage alluding to just how he was killed.
  • Battra Lea and Empress Cadenza have been extracting captured Unicorn and Changelings' horns to harness their magic. The captured Starlight Glimmer is understandably terrified.
  • Starlight Glimmer gets a realization of just how many ponies are in Manehattan after seeing all the lights on, showing that that the city doesn't have enough time to evacuate away from the approaching kaiju. The thought that hundreds, if not thousands might die momentarily sends her into Heroic BSoD.

    The Bridge: A Shimmer in the Dark 
  • This version of Equestria, The Shimmerverse being much Darker and Edgier than the canon Equestria. An actual civil war between Equestria and fanatical Nightmare Moon cultists happened, fights can be lethal; and not all the cultists are defeated with some planning a sneak attack on Canterlot.
  • Rodan is forced to kill a heavily mutated Shadowbolt after trying to force the mare to stand down, despite previously hoping he'd never have to kill an Equestrian. And it only gets worse after he was forced to use lethal force in self-defense and decapitated her.

    The Bridge: The Eclipse Times 
  • Everything involving Queen Chrysalis. We only got glimpses of her attack on Timbucktu in the comic. Here? The story starts with Celestia walking through the aftermath and it's every bit as horrifying as one would expect. Particularly by the fact it's made very clear Chrysalis had no compulsions against harming foals. The first chapter ends with a flashback to the Changelings swarming Timbucktu like a horde of locusts, attacking completely out of nowhere with no warning as Chrysalis laughs, enjoying every moment.
  • The aftermath of Chrysalis's attack on Timbucktu and slaughter of its entire population. No punches are pulled, it's made clear Chrysalis killed everyone and they died horribly.
  • Chrysalis during the attack on Trot. While we've seen monsters like Enjin kill normal people, this is the first time we've seen something on the level of the Princesses or ponified Kaiju go all out on innocent people who can't meaningfully fight back against them, and it's terrifying.


The Bridge Podcast:

  • Peresnickety Pete's songs and creepy laughter.
  • The entirety of The Museum of Oceanic Curiosities.
  • The creepy noises in Bedtime Stories.

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