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Nightmare Fuel / The Boys (2019)

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"I'm scared...I'm scared of you."
As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Everything about the plane crash. The terrorists were scary enough, but when Homelander comes in and not only makes it worse, but threatens to kill anyone who doesn't accept their fate is just downright harrowing.
  • Homelander in general. Credit where it’s due, Antony Starr is disturbingly good at having “dead eyes” and an affect so flat he actually looks artificial at points, as well as conveying the personality of an utter sociopath cheerfully trying to manipulate the world to his whims however he sees fit.
    • His attack on the Syrian terrorists, calmly slicing apart armed men and unarmed women with his laser eyes. At one point he deliberately lasers a terrorist above him, so a terrorist in front of him gets drenched in the other's blood and innards. Moments later he cuts off the legs of another and slowly crushes the man's head under his heel.
  • Robin’s Cruel and Unusual Death at the hands of A-Train.
  • "Are you telling me that we have a super terrorist?"
  • The Reveal that Homelander orchestrated the development of super-terrorists. You may never look at a superhero franchise the same way again.
    "Now we have villains all over the globe that only we can fight. Sequel after sequel after sequel..."
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  • The Landlord's death. Popclaw seduces him and performs some roleplay so she can avoid paying rent. While performing oral sex on her, she finds the experience to be too orgasmic and she unwittingly crushes his head between her pelvis. The guy is clearly in pain but she's too distracted to hear his muffled screams, as his head begins to crack open like a rolled-up tube of toothpaste. It eventually bursts and Popclaw soon realises what she's done and is just as horrified by this as the audience.
  • Stillwell is a very creepy person who almost never shows her real emotions, instead putting up a corporate smile even in the most dissonant of occasions.
  • When Bill Butcher becomes unhinged, he can become absolutely terrifying.

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