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Nightmare Fuel / The Boxtrolls

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Someone's got the Cheese Fits again.
This is probably one of Laika's darkest films:

  • For such a lighthearted film, this movie really has its share of disturbing moments. However, special mention has to go to Snatcher pretending to be Madame Frou-Frou, and his subsequent performance. The way he is able to the rally the crowd into supporting his goal to "kill those boxtrolls" is very unnerving.
  • Archibald Snatcher in general, once the true extent of his malevolence is revealed, can be a very unsettling villain. Especially since his murder attempts are often portrayed very realistically: bludgeoning a man with a wrench or attempting to strangle a child with a scarf for instance.
  • Snatcher's death is shockingly graphic for a family film. When he eats one piece of cheese, Snatcher, already swollen up from his cheese allergy, explodes. What makes this shocking is how sudden it is. As Snatcher exploding can come across as an jump scare due to how quick it happens. Not helping is that you can even see his body parts fly everywhere, making it more graphic.
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  • On a similar note, there's also Mr Gristle getting crushed when Snatcher's Tripod Terror is deactivated.


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